Other Uses for a Tradeshow Display

Other Uses for a Tradeshow Display

You’ve had a tradeshow display professionally designed for high impact and to influence buyers. With attention grabbers from every angle your booth can be approached to visuals and interactive elements to keep people interested, you probably had a highly successful show. So, it only makes sense to find other uses for a tradeshow display.

Don’t let your fancy display gather dust in a closet during the off season! Here are some great ways to make use of your tradeshow décor year-round.

5 More Uses for a Tradeshow Display

Enhance Your Lobby or Entrance
Create visual interest for your customers, vendors, and potential employees as soon as they walk in the door. You can use your display as a way to attract attention to your entrance and draw foot traffic into your location. Attractive words and images will help increase your sales and brand awareness just as it did during your tradeshow event.

Use as a Presentation Backdrop
When presenting to clients and investors, they should get the same treatment as those who attended your tradeshow. Use banners, posters, lighted displays, and more as a backdrop for your presentation. Images and sales points or product benefits can be a great accessory to your speech or slideshow. Just be sure to not overpower or detract from your presentation.

Promote at Events and Fundraisers
Have a company event, employee picnic, fundraiser or other special occasion? Some indoor tradeshow displays can also be used outdoors, as long as the weather is fair. Get your money’s worth out of your displays by letting them serve double duty.

Recruitment Events and Job Fairs
Looking for reliable new team members? The same marketing materials you used to draw customers in can also be used to attract new talent. Your high-end signage can easily differentiate you from other employers at a job fair or recruitment event.

Retail Signage
If your tradeshow display featured a product or service, you can use the same signage in your showroom to tell the story of your brand. If you are busy with another customer, new clients will have something to look at while they’re waiting for you. And while they are educating themselves about your product, you’ll be able to move them to the next level quicker!

Here’s a quick reference list of other uses for a tradeshow display.
• Recruitment events
• Job fairs
• Employee training
• Staff offices
• HR department
• Sales meetings
• Exhibitions
• Reception areas
• Lobbies
• Hallways
• Conference rooms
• Presentations
• Welcome signs
• Retail marketing
• Outdoor events
• Fundraisers
• And more!

Get More Use Out of Your Tradeshow Display

Your tradeshow displays were not built to be dust collectors in the back of a dark closet. Your tradeshow display is a premier marketing tool that you should use at every opportunity. After the tradeshow, let your displays work quadruple time for you by using them as much as possible.

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