“Open During Construction” Signs and Other Essential Jobsite Signs

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“Open During Construction” Signs and Other Essential Jobsite Signs

So, you went to all of the effort of finding a prime storefront spot in an area that gets a lot of traffic. Then, with the warm weather, a road work crew has set up barriers and closed down lanes in front of your business. They might as well be grabbing the wheel and steering potential customers’ cars away from you. You are open for business, but how do consumers know? This is where construction directional signage for Greensboro, NC would come in handy.


Tell Customers Where to Go

If shoppers do not know how to enter your venue or where to park, they may get fed up and look elsewhere. This makes it extra important that you have signage guiding potential customers to your entrance. Here are some signs you may want to consider as construction starts up in front of your building:

  • Open for Business Signs – These are great temporary use signs that can take a variety of different forms. One popular option is the A-frame sign that is durable and easy to set up right next to the roadway. We can even include your company’s logo and colors to help with branding.
  • Wayfinding Signs – Use large construction wayfinding signs for Greensboro, NC to direct consumers to the entrance of your parking lot. Or, if your parking lot is inaccessible, show shoppers where they can park. You can even use temporary parking signs to indicate that certain spots are reserved for your customers.
  • Post and Panel Signs – Do you have one of those giant paver machines parked in front of your storefront? If you want to have any hope of people seeing you there, you will need a good post and panel sign. These temporary markers display your message high above the road work, so you cannot be missed. Lightbox cabinet signs installed on a pylon are also an excellent long term solution.

Construction Season Is the Perfect Time to Build Your Brand

How much would you pay to get a minutes-long commercial in front of thousands of people every day? If prime time television ads are any indication, businesses are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get that kind of exposure. However, when you have bumper-to-bumper traffic stuck in road work in front of your store, it is your opportunity to deliver your message to a captive audience.

Whereas you typically only have a few seconds to get your most pertinent information across with most signage, when traffic is at a standstill, you can display a more involved message. When you have fun with it, you will improve the spirits of motorists and become the talk of the town. What better way to build your brand?

Are you unsure about how to proceed with letting consumers know you are open during construction? Give the friendly experts at Gate City Signs & Graphics a call, and we will perform a site survey and make recommendations that fit your vision and budget. For a free consultation, contact us today!

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