Need Vinyl Graphics for Commercial Vans in Greensboro NC?

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Need Vinyl Graphics for Commercial Vans in Greensboro NC?

When you have work vehicles making deliveries or tooling around town going to job sites or running errands, you have a great opportunity to build name recognition and drives sales. Your vans are a large canvas for you to expose potential clients to your brand and to showcase your corporate logo. Commercial Lightning Protection realized this, so they called Gate City Signs & Graphics for vinyl graphics for commercial vans in Greensboro, NC.

What Is Commercial Lightning Protection?

With locations in Richmond, VA; Georgia; and on Corliss Street in Greensboro, Commercial Lightning Protection, LLC supplies the most planned, organized, and professional lightning grounding and protection system installation in the Southeastern US. They work with incredible general and electrical contractors, are a UL listed installation company, and are contractors for the Lightning Protection Institute.

When an organization that does so much to protect the investments of businesses came to us for vinyl graphics for commercial vans in Greensboro, NC, we were glad we could be of assistance. Commercial Lightning Protection had a new Nissan NV2500 work van and wanted to be sure it helped boost their branding as they traveled to job sites. Fortunately, we know a thing or two about van graphics.

What We Did for Commercial Lightning Protection

Our first step in the graphics making process was to meet with Commercial Lightning Protection to find out what they had in mind for their van. After checking out the vehicle and listening to their goals for the project, we recommended installing their logo and contact information on the sides and rear of their van. They agreed, and once they approved the designs we provided them with, we got down to work.

For the sides of the van, we printed the logo, phone numbers, and web address on top quality vinyl designed for use on vehicles. We also added an overlaminate layer to protect the graphics from the elements. For the rear window, we used perforated vinyl so that the driver would still be able to see out of the window, but the branding would be visible on the outside.

Once the graphics were ready, we scheduled a time to install them when Commercial Lightning Protection could be without their van for a few hours. In the end, they thought we did a fantastic job. Now, they will expose motorists and pedestrians to their branding as they drive around their service area.

Let Us Help Your Enterprise!

This project only gives a small taste of what we are capable of. We can help out businesses in any market with our broad range of vehicle graphics. If you have a little money to work with, we recommend installing full vehicle wraps. These graphics cover every square inch of your truck’s surface, and they grab the attention of everyone they pass by as you travel the roads of North Carolina. If you just want to cover parts of your car, partial wraps are an excellent choice.

If you are interested in solutions specifically tailored to your needs, contact Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free estimate.

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