Need Custom Lobby Signs in Greensboro for Your Law Firm?

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Need Custom Lobby Signs in Greensboro for Your Law Firm?

You can customize the impression your office makes with law firm lobby signs from Gate City Signs & Graphics. There is a wide variety of style elements and materials you can choose from. You set the stage for all of your meetings with clients along with opposing parties once you personalize your signage. Here are some of the top solutions for custom lobby signs in Greensboro, NC.

Dimensional Letters

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If you want a distinguished appearance that serves as a visual counterpoint to your lobby wall, consider installing dimensional letters. By using a thicker high-density urethane (HDU) substrate, you can have a sign that really pops. Additionally, we are able to create an elegant play of light and shadows when we install flat cut acrylic letters with spacers.

Back-Lit Lobby Signs

We are one of the top providers of illuminated lobby signs for law firms in Greensboro, NC. We can include energy-efficient LED lights into just about any marker. You might consider rendering your firm’s logo using brushed aluminum, add an acrylic face, then backlight the sign. This will produce a halo effect on the wall the sign is mounted to while light shines through the acrylic face.

Acrylic Panels

Acrylic is one of the most prized materials in the signage industry because it is affordable and versatile. With acrylic panel lobby signs, we start with a clear acrylic panel. We then install your logo and company name using durable vinyl. We can create a sophisticated look by layering acrylic panels.

Logo Lobby Signs

The term “logo lobby sign” covers a broad range of markers. If you have a huge focal wall in your reception area, you might consider installing a giant logo on this wall using vinyl. Other materials commonly used for logo lobby signs are metal, PVC, acrylic, HDU, and even wood or stone.

Brushed Aluminum

We supply brushed aluminum letters and panels. Law firms often request aluminum because it is affordable, durable, and projects an image of professionalism and longevity in an industry. It can be expensive to buy signs made of solid aluminum. Luckily, aluminum laminate is a viable alternative. These signs consist of a thin layer of real aluminum added to a more affordable substrate, like HDU.

What Are You Trying to Achieve with Your Lobby Sign?

Your reception area signs must match the image you are trying to nurture. When creating your lobby sign, our graphic artists can work closely with your interior designers. When picking materials, we let aesthetics and costs serve as the main considerations. In addition, we can offer you standard options or customize the colors and fonts used in your marker.

If you are unsure about what lobby signs would be ideal for your firm, don’t worry! Our friendly experts will offer recommendations based on a site survey, learning about your company culture, and listening to your vision and budget. We then fabricate your sign once you approve of the art proofs we provide you with and install the lobby sign at a time that is convenient for you.

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