Make a Statement With Wall Murals

Wall Mural

Make a Statement With Wall Murals

Wall MuralCreating brand recognition requires consistent effort, attention, and expertise. Wall murals can make a big statement for your institution by boosting brand awareness and increasing sales. If you design your wall graphics with attention to detail and customize them to suit your audience, they can be impactful marketing additions to your commercial premises.

What is a wall mural?

Most people think of a wall mural as an intricate piece of art painted by hand. Although there are multiple types of wall murals, such as street art, Sistine Chapel, and graffiti, most murals are printed. A wall mural is basically a graphic printed on adhesive vinyl that is then mounted on a wall space. That means that a professional graphics designer can pre-print your mural in the dimensions of your available wall space, saving you time and money.

Why Get Wall Murals For Your Institution?

Custom-designed wall murals are brand-specific and inviting. They can help create a more conducive environment on your property. Since modern-day customers have numerous marketing options available to them, you need to enhance their experience using creatively designed wall graphics.

Here are some reasons to use wall graphics in your organization:

  • They are entertaining, informative, and inspirational
  • They make shopping experiences fun and engaging
  • You can use them to customize your ads and define your brand
  • Wall graphics create an excellent first impression on customers and visitors 

How to Use Wall Murals to Boost Sales

Here are some ways to creatively use wall murals in your facility:

1: Boost Your Brand

Brand awareness is an essential marketing strategy since people will likely buy from a brand they are familiar with. One effective way to raise brand awareness is to expose potential customers to your logo, slogan, and other visual texts that act as your brand signature. Besides, a wall mural installed on the exterior of your building is a great way to expose passersby to your brand and raise awareness.

2: Set the Scene

If you want to establish a positive customer experience, atmospherics can play a critical role. You want to ensure that everyone walking into your facility is ushered into an atmosphere that encourages them to spend more and stay longer. Since a wall mural is large enough and impactful, it’s a perfect way to influence the visual atmosphere.

3: Highlight Brand History

A customized wall mural is an excellent way to tell your brand’s story. Using a historical mural is especially essential for older institutions with an inspiring story. You can even include a photo or illustration to bring your story to life and show the evolution of your institution over time. Some brands often choose to create a timeline that highlights their brand’s inception to the present day.

4: Create an Attractive Photo Backdrop

With the advancements in social media, people love taking selfies and uploading their photos on social media channels. If you want to boost interaction with your brand online, creating a photo backdrop is one great way to achieve that. People coming into your institution can then take photos and share them online, boosting your brand recognition and engagement. Consider creating a backdrop with visuals and text highlighting your business’s location, encouraging visitors and locals to take a picture.

Final Thoughts

Creating impactful wall murals is never a matter of chance. You need to hire professionals to get the job done right the first time. We provide customized wall mural solutions tailored to your business needs. Our graphic designers have done an excellent wall mural and lobby sign for the A&T university police department. Contact us today to learn more about our wall graphics solutions or request a quote.



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