Looking for Wall Murals in Greensboro NC? How Are They Fabricated?

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Looking for Wall Murals in Greensboro NC? How Are They Fabricated?

Businesses throughout Greensboro are learning about the benefits of using wall graphics to transform their interiors. Whether it is a giant mural depicting their corporate logo or digitally printed wallpaper setting the mood for a restaurant, wall wraps are versatile and affordable. But, what are wall murals made of in Greensboro, NC? The answer to that question is the topic of today’s blog entry.

Always Start with High-Quality Vinyl Films

If you want successful wall murals, you need the right vinyl. Removable adhesive and vinyl are the two main features of most interior wall graphics. We turn to Avery Dennison, Oracal, 3M, and other leading manufacturers for our vinyl.

There are several different types of vinyl, such as standard, reflective, matte, neon, and metallic vinyl films. However, traditional glossy vinyl is usually used for digitally printed wallpaper. Yet, since interior lighting can obscure text or graphics by creating glare hot spots, glossy vinyl is not always the best alternative.

In these instances, we suggest going with matte vinyl instead. Matte usually has a big impact even though it may cost a bit more. MACtac 8900, Oracal 631, and EnduraMATTE are just some of the top matte films. Matte vinyl tends to be a favorite option when our customers want to install wall murals that promote their core values.

How Do Wall Graphics Stay in Place?

The other important part of your wall wrap is the adhesive. Numerous vinyl films are created to be used on the exterior of your building for a semi-permanent basis and thus have permanent adhesive incorporated into their design. But, a permanent adhesive is overkill if you plan to install your digitally printed wallpaper inside. As a matter of fact, when it comes time to remove the wrap, a permanent adhesive could potentially damage the paint on your walls. Thankfully, the best matte vinyl films are perfect for interior walls due to their low tack removable adhesives.

Where to Install Wall Murals

Vinyl films were created to take the place of paint in signs. Therefore, they are designed to adhere to plastics, glass, and aluminum. All of these surfaces are smooth and offer a good bond between the wall and the vinyl’s adhesive. However, certain interior painted walls may not work with some films.

If the surface is rough or porous, the ability of a vinyl to stick is seriously degraded. This makes textured and painted walls challenging for vinyl. When the surface is rough, the bond with the adhesive is not as strong. Special cast vinyl is needed for textures like brick. Unsealed concrete walls present their own challenge. They are too porous. For these walls, we would use a vinyl with a special high tack adhesive.

As you may have been able to gather, when it comes to picking the right materials for your project, we are the experts. Contact the friendly experts at Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free quote and consultation on wall murals for Greensboro, NC, and avoid the headache of trying to figure things out on your own.

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