Lobby Signs: Greensboro Business Signs Embody Your Motto

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Lobby Signs: Greensboro Business Signs Embody Your Motto

What is your business slogan, vision or mission statement? Do you have a motto? While it is true that actions speak louder than words, the lobby signs that you hang in your business’s Greensboro venue have the power to let some of your desired attitude and intended mission shine through. Which of these business signs are right for you?

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Hip, Avant-garde and on the Cutting Edge

When you are working hard to position yourself as a thought leader in your field, choose flat-cut acrylic lettering for your lobby signage. Make the wall surface your canvas. Show that you are not afraid to think outside of a box or frame. This type of marker shows off your successful vision that combines artistry with science and solid business practices.

Our technicians frequently get requests for lobby signs that visually pop. When you go with a heavier acrylic that hangs from concealed mounts, its gives your lettering the appearance of floating, which is as unusual as it is attractive. When an avant-garde appearance is a key-component to your motto, this is a great signage option.

Established, Successful and Here to Stay

Metal laminate lettering is a stylish alternative to acrylic. This material appeals to businesses that want to broadcast their longevity in the field and their continued commitment to customers and clients alike. Attorneys and accountants frequently prefer metal laminate to other materials.

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Creative, Whimsical and with Something to Show

Acrylic logo panels are an ideal solution for the business that needs a lobby sign with a heightened visual appeal. Whether you are running a start-up business, specialize in creative products or simply want to show that you are different from anyone else in the field, the acrylic panel can make it happen. Part of the reason for this appeal is the sheer versatility of artistic approaches we can take. For a sign that leaves customers wondering, “how did they do that,” talk to our skilled graphic artists.

When you are ready to get started, please contact us. Our technicians understand that the sheer volume of choices can be daunting. We gladly discuss material options with you and help you decide how to communicate your company’s motto via the first impression that your clients or customers see: the business sign that you place in your lobby.

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