Lobby Signs: First Impressions Matter for Your Company

Lobby Directory Signs Greensboro, NC

Lobby Signs: First Impressions Matter for Your Company

The first impression that clients and customers have of your business is of great importance. When a prospective client walks into your front offices or lobby for the first time you want them to feel that they are working with a company that is established and successful. Your image is what creates that confidence.

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There are a few ways to create this image of success. The building and location that you choose, the furnishings of your offices, and the signs and graphics all work together. The graphics that your company uses on walls, doors and in reception areas are a wonderful opportunity to create a brand for your business. Lobby Signs, wall murals and other graphics are all important pieces in the total image and deserve careful consideration and professional consultation.

At Gate City Signs in Greensboro, NC, we understand better than anyone how important lobby signs and other graphics really are to your business. We have the expert experience you need to help you with signs, awnings and canopies for the outside of your establishment and all interior signs and wall murals. We are able to listen to your needs and create an individual plan for graphics that work for you and your company. We work with high quality materials and have experts that can work with your budget to design a corporate identity that you can take and use through-out your business.  

At Gate City Signs, “Where Your Image Matters”, we can help you with your lobby signs and all your graphics from design to fabrication to professional installations. We know that first impressions really matter and we know how to make that first impression the best one possible. To find out more about our services and how we can help, contact us.

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