Lobby Signs and Directory Signs for Your Greensboro Law Firm

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Lobby Signs and Directory Signs for Your Greensboro Law Firm

You can personalize the impression you make with your office when you contact Gate City Signs & Graphics for lobby and directory signs for law firms in Greensboro, NC. You can choose from a wide variety of style elements and materials. You set the stage for all of your dealings with customers along with opposing parties when you customize your signage. Today’s blog post should give you a good idea of what is possible with directories and lobby signs.

How Do You Want Clients to See You?

Do you want clients to think of your firm as forward thinking and innovative? Or, do you want to project the image of being an established practice with decades of experience? Your interior signage must be a part of any image you are trying to nurture. Trendy law offices prefer wall graphics, a newer and affordable approach to welcoming people into your building and showing them where to go. We can integrate your firm’s name into a wall mural on your lobby’s accent wall. When creating this wall, our graphic designers work closely with your interior designers to get the right look.

When picking materials, aesthetics and budget concerns are the main considerations. One of the most cost effective materials for reception area signs is high-density urethane (HDU). We can train your existing lights onto your new signage or install spotlights to heighten the effect of your markers. You can choose from an array of standard colors for your sign, or we will customize the colors to match your existing branding.

Lobby Sign Options

We have several options for lobby signs for law firms in Greensboro, NC. Here are some of the more popular solutions:

  • Brushed Aluminum – We provide both brushed aluminum letters and panels. Aluminum is valued for its price and durability. In addition, metals give off a look of professionalism and longevity. It can get kind of expensive using aluminum for all of your signs. Thankfully, we have aluminum composite and aluminum laminate alternatives.
  • Dimensional Letters – If you want a more substantial sign that serves as a visual counterpoint to your reception area wall, consider installing three-dimensional letters. When you use acrylic or HDU, you have the option of having a sign that really pops. These letters can be routed to precisely match the fonts you use on your other marketing materials.
  • lobby signIlluminated Lobby Signs – Gate City Signs & Graphics is one of the frontrunners at supplying illuminated lobby signs for law practices. For a dramatic effect, we can include energy efficient LED lights into just about any marker. One popular alternative is to render your firm’s logo in brushed aluminum with acrylic faces and backlighting the signage.


If you run a large law firm, then directories are a must for helping clients find the right lawyer, attorney, or conference room. There are several alternatives to choose from, including wall-mounted and freestanding varieties. We recommend freestanding units near the entrance to your building and wall-mounted directories near your elevators or stairwells.

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