Lobby Signage for Banks

Lobby Signage for Banks

Lobby Signage for Banks

Giving Your Financial Institution a Whole New Look!

When it comes to business and corporate signs, Gate City Signs and Graphics has been proud to provide lobby signage for banks throughout Greensboro and beyond. Whether your bank, credit union, mortgage lender office or financial institution is moving, opening a new location or rebranding, we can help you achieve a polished, professional look.

Compliance signs are required for all banking and financial institutions. And your customers need to know that you follow all federal regulations. That’s why we take the time to ensure that we are meeting all necessary requirements for you. And Gate City Signs and Graphics can help keep your signs up to date.

Zone Messaging and Environmental Branding for Banks

Did you know that there’s a science behind sign message and placement? Environmental branding and lobby signage for banks are essential: from welcoming your customer when they walk through the door to thanking them for their visit when they leave. What happens during each customer’s experience between those two touchpoints will set the stage for future business and interactions.

With the proper bank signage, you can achieve the best results for your brand and for your clientele.
• Help customers complete their business efficiently.
• Convey valuable information during each customer visit.
• Promote your brand, awareness, and benefits.
• Deliver the right message, in the right place, and at the right time.

Promoting a Safe, Strong & Secure Image with Lobby Signage for Banks

Gate City Signs and Graphics is your expert in branding and promotional signage to promote your bank’s message. With the right bold, brilliant, and eye-catching signs, your bank will establish both customer credibility and a community presence.

In a highly competitive industry, you need attractive signage to draw customers in and to help set you apart from your competitors. Gate City Signs and Graphics can supply a variety of sign options to let your customers know about regulations, promotions, membership notices, benefits, and more.
• Lobby signage
• Exterior signs and lettering
• Directory signs
• ADA-compliant signs
• 3-Dimensional logos & lettering
• Vinyl door lettering
• Digital signage
• Directories
• Digital directories
• Pylon Signs
• Monument signs
• Marquee signs
• ATM signs
• Teller graphics
• Bank drive-through window signs
• Window graphics
• Parking lot signs
• Traffic signs
• Posters
• Banners
• Floor stands
• Rate boards
• Acrylic signs
• Engraved name plates
• Stanchions / posts
• Retractable belt/rope designs
• Table throws / cloths
• Wall graphics
• Floor graphics
• Hanging signs
• Safety and security signage
• Displays
• And more!

When designing signage for a financial institution, it’s important to touch each customer at every stage of their visit. You’ll want to create zone messaging, which helps direct customers to take action at different times. And you’ll want to create the right environment for your customers during every visit.

You can count on Gate City Signs and Graphics to help build your environmental branding. We can assist you in establishing both trust and reliance, which helps your customer feel at home during their visit.

Need Lobby Signage for Your Bank?
Gate City Signs & Graphics will help you create a polished, professional look!

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