Lobby Graphics are Essential to Your Brand

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Lobby Graphics are Essential to Your Brand

There was a directional sign posted in the lobby next to a psychologist’s office. The sign had a map with an arrow that pointed to a spot on the map. It read, “You are HERE.” Underneath the sign, another sign said, “But WHY do you want to be here?” 

Get It?

Lobby graphics and signs can do more than assure visitors they’re where they’re supposed to be. With a touch of humor or by utilizing graphic lettering styles to trigger a sense of belonging, your visitors will feel as if they’re in the place they should be; the right place.

Marketing professionals know advertising should be variable – ever-changing but always inviting. For example, entertainment and restaurant specials change, so those signs need to be changeable too.

5 Design Tips for Lobby Graphics

  1. Composition – Lobby graphics can use many kinds of signage materials, from downright cheap to off-the-grid extravagant. When you meet with your graphics professional, talk about the kinds of materials that represent your brand. You’ll discuss height, durability, sun exposure, message and feel – then, learn what’s within your budget.
  2. Consistent Color – If you’re one of those people who eagerly await Pantone’s Color of the Year, then your company logo and graphics may have their own Pantone color number. Always use colors that are identifiable with YOU.
  3. Height – Lobby graphics should be appropriately sized to fit the space they’re designed for. Too big is just as unappealing as too small and can impact your visitors’ perceptions of your products/services.
  4. Lights! Action – Study your lobby sign’s perimeter and choose appropriate lighting. Backlights are very trendy, but consider front-and-forward lighting, too. A straightforward graphic can be balanced to convey excitement and drama with the right lighting.
  5. Texture – Just as colors have matching opposites, textures have complementary feels; stone facades work well with muted textures and velvety lettering. Other texture combinations can include slate/dark wood, silver/black matte, red brick/rustic wood.

Now, You Get It!

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