LED Monument Signs in Greensboro NC Inform Consumers!

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LED Monument Signs in Greensboro NC Inform Consumers!

As you drive around the city, it is difficult to ignore illuminated signs that feature rotating or scrolling messages. They grab your attention and demand that you read what they say. For instance, many financial institutions use these markers to display the temperature and time as well as their marketing message. Benbow Professional Center wanted to catch eyes, so they contacted Gate City Signs & Graphics for LED pylon signs in Greensboro, NC.

What We Did for Benbow

Located on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Greensboro, Benbow Professional Center is a large multi-tenant complex that features medical businesses, retailers, salons, and more. During an initial consultation, we learned that they wanted a way to advertise their tenants and to share information. We suggested a pylon sign with LED message board. Once they approved the design, we got down to work.

For the tenant names, we used a dozen while panels that can be changed out easily as new businesses move in and out. Above that, we installed an LED message board that is simple to program with many rotating messages. And, at the very top of the monument is the Benbow Professional Center logo and a decorative cap.

All of these signage elements are mounted between brick, concrete, and metal posts that are sure to last for many decades to come. We installed the new marker at a time that was convenient for the client. In the end, they were completely satisfied with the work we did.

Why Install LED Signs?

When it comes to LED signage, we are the experts. These markers are specifically designed to stand up to whatever the North Carolina weather can throw at them. Since LED signs are easily programmable with a computer, they are the perfect method for communicating your message electronically.

These signs are ideal if you want to market, direct, inform, guide, and educate consumers. With an LED message board, you can make public service announcements and send messages to the community. They have few long-term costs associated with them, so with a one-time investment, you will be able to advertise your enterprise for many years to come.

The Advantages of LEDs

You need to add the cost of replacing missing or broken letters to the cost of reader boards that require letter inserts. And, you will need to replace or fix light bulbs quite frequently if you use neon, incandescent, or fluorescent lights. With LED message boards, none of this is a problem. LEDs are designed to last for over a decade of continuous use before they need to be replaced. In addition, they are bright enough to be visible even in direct sunlight.

LED message boards are also superior to reader boards because you do not have to climb a ladder to change your message. You just need to use the easy-to-understand software that comes with your LED sign to change your message in a snap.

If you are interested in LED monument signs in Greensboro, NC, contact the friendly professionals at Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free quote.

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