Know the Secret Connection Between Your Lobby Sign and Employees

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Know the Secret Connection Between Your Lobby Sign and Employees

Most businesses tend to install a new lobby sign for at least one of three reasons:

  1. For decoration in your office area.
  2. A wayfinding tool for visitors.
  3. To raise brand awareness.

While all of these are great reasons to install a new lobby sign, it’s very rare for businesses to think about the connection an indoor sign can have on its employees. Here are just a few ways a lobby sign impacts your employees’ emotions:

Company Culture

  • One of the most common pieces of content that businesses include on their lobby sign is short phrases or terms that describe their company culture.
  • Employees see this sign every day, encouraging them to bring in and carry forward throughout the day, the right spirit and attitude towards other employees, clients, products and services in your business, in a similar way that a clean lobby and office could stir the right attitude. If you are looking for a way to change the attitudes of your business you may want to visit AK Building Services website to learn more.
  • By employing staff who carry the right spirit and attitude that your company conveys, you can realize numerous benefits to your company. These include a positive work environment, creating a great first impression with potential clients, and ultimately increasing business revenue and word-of-mouth referrals.

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Safety And Security

  • A lobby sign can promote safety and security for your employees in a few different ways:
  • A lobby directory sign can ensure employees are heading in the right direction and provide more confidence in where they are going. These signs can also flag hazardous and unsafe areas for employees to avoid.
  • If your company culture promotes “safety” as part of its business model (which it should!), employees will feel a sense of relief seeing your lobby sign knowing that their company cares about their well-being and that they will always come home from work safely at the end of each day.
  • Job security is an important factor in the mindset of an employee. By installing a lobby sign in your business, it assures your employees that they are working for long-term business – not the kind of company that will close down anytime soon.

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Sense of Belonging

  • A lobby sign helps to create a feeling that an employee belongs somewhere. Instead of considering the office to be just a workspace, your indoor sign helps your employees to consider your business their second home and feel part of the business family.
  • In other words, your lobby sign is also a “Welcome Home” sign to your employees, reminding them of the support and love they get from their work family – and that they belong somewhere in the world.

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Indoor signs are an effective way to communicate professionalism while creating a welcoming environment for your employees, clients, and visitors. Gate City Signs and Graphics creates custom lobby directory signs that will make a powerful statement and lasting impression to everyone who interacts with your business. Contact us today to book your complimentary consultation and to receive a personalized quote.

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