Interior Sign Ideas: Helping People Find Their Way Around Your Company

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Interior Sign Ideas: Helping People Find Their Way Around Your Company

Interior signs may not get as much immediate creative thought from business owners as ones used outdoors. Nevertheless, they’re technically more important than the ones you use outside. The uses for them can also open up a range of creative design, even if you’re ultimately showing people how to get somewhere inside a small or large building.

Have you thought about ideas on where interior signage could be placed around your building? The more of them you use, the more welcoming you can make your company appear without requiring real people.

Signs in Your Lobby

What kind of sign do you need to make a first impression on people when they first enter your business? It could be you just want a sign that utilizes your logo in the lobby to set the mood for your customers. Or, you may want to customize your lobby sign into something else that garners instant notice. Whatever you use, it should always be something that stands alone with no other distractions around it. If you can use blank walls around the sign, you have a better chance of it standing out and making a statement.

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Wayfinding Signs

These are usually the most used type of interior signs you’ll see in helping people find things. They’re imperative if you have a building with numerous floors and multiple departments. However, they can be used even on a single-floor plan if you have products located in certain sections. A frequent design is a wayfinding sign using arrows to indicate which direction certain departments are. This could easily be placed in the lobby below your welcoming sign.

These can also be used as a general directory either placed on a stand or up on a wall. They’re easily customizable to give as much detail as you want, though it’s always better to keep it as simple and easy to understand as possible. A name of a department and a floor or section number is all that’s needed to help people find their way. Part of this should always include clearly locating where your restrooms are.

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ADA Signs

You want to help accommodate those who might be blind and need to find their way around your business. In order to live up to Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, you should provide braille below every indoor signage you use. Most braille is nearly invisible, so those with sight won’t even see it while conveying the same clear message to those who can’t see.

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Decorative Signs

Sometimes you might want to promote something in your building on a wall or perhaps a piece of glass. These decorative sign ideas can add real style to your company and make something you want to promote stand out from the usual places. A popular place is on the glass of doors or on walls along busy walkways. Keep in mind these should mostly be used if you’re promoting something long term and not temporary.

Signs with Dimensional Letters

Certain business signs can’t always be seen well from a distance, though using dimensional letters can help that if it’s a problem. Particularly if you have a long walkway people have to use to enter your building, having a large sign in dimensional letters can help them see it from afar. Regardless, distance doesn’t necessarily have to apply here. You may want one of these signs when first entering the door, particularly if you have other distractions around the sign.

Most people use the title of their business with this sign style, though it can be used for any kind of promotional purpose where you need to grab attention.

All of these interior sign ideas can be customized and installed by us here at Gate City Signs. Contact us so we can discuss what style of indoor sign would benefit your business based on the size and dimensions of your space.


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