Interior Directory Signs for High Point NC

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Interior Directory Signs for High Point NC

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have a doctor’s appointment in a large medical complex. You made a note in your calendar that Dr. Smith’s office is on the third floor. That is helpful, but how do you find the elevator or stairway once you enter the building? And, which office is she in on the third floor? Your spouse has the worst penmanship. Does the note even say she’s on the third floor? Or, is that an 8?

The first thing you are likely to look for as you enter a building and need confirmation or direction on where to go is a directory sign. The best interior directory signs for High Point, NC are key elements in the architecture of the facility. They serve as a natural point for guests to stop and search for the suite they want. Fortunately, Gate City Signs & Graphics is one of the premier suppliers of these markers for the Piedmont Triad region.

Interior Directory Signs Make Your Venue Navigable

Even in the Information Age, directory signs are still an indispensable part of any complex. It easily and quickly identifies the location of each tenant, amenity, or department. Plus, these markers are low maintenance, though there may be extra maintenance required for electronic directories, another smart option.

Let’s revisit our example above. The ideal directory system in a building complex would feature a main directory in the lobby that lists tenants by their suite number as well as alphabetically. There would then be another directory near the elevators telling visitors which floor to go to. Once they get off of the elevator, another directory, posted on each floor, would point the way to the suite they want. For example, look at the directory we created for outside of a Level 2 elevator in a local medical complex. It is clear where patients should go, and if they are still lost, they at least know where the main reception area is.

Why You Need Interior Directory Signs

You should carefully consider the addition of these signs for three main reasons:

  • Branding – Underscore the brand identity of your business or management company with your logo’s shapes, fonts, and colors. Adding the right kind of signage reinforces or introduces these visual cues.
  • Image – You will not make a good first impression if your venue is confusing. On the other hand, you set the tone for a meticulously run company or building with a well-designed combination of directories, live assistance, and maps.
  • Wayfinding – While having a receptionist in your lobby area is always a smart idea, they may not always be available to answer questions immediately. Plus, many guests may just prefer to find their way around without the help of another person.

If you have no clue where to start with your interior directory signs, don’t worry! The friendly professionals at Gate City Signs & Graphics will be happy to come out and perform a site survey to pinpoint areas where building directory signs for High Point, NC will provide the most assistance. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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