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Floor decals can make your message stand out since they are right under your customers’ noses and feet. As visitors walk through your store, bold floor graphics will catch their attention since people often watch their feet in unfamiliar territories. 

Vinyl floor stickers are creative and unique advertising methods that can feature any design, message, or image of your choice. Use bold lettering and vibrant colors for a big impact or design a sleek, sophisticated floor graphic for a more professional feel. Vinyl floor graphics can be cut into any size and shape, allowing for more innovative designs. You can create humorous messages, optical illusions, wayfinding floor graphics, custom flooring design, and more.

Custom floor graphics can serve as effective directional and wayfinding signs to guide both new and regular customers to the products they need. Examples of effective ways to use floor graphics for wayfinding and directions include:

  • Directing customers to different departments
  • Directing customers to your most popular products
  • Providing office directories
  • Directing customers to additional products
  • Notifying customers of a new store layout
  • Preventing crowding and bottlenecks
  • Enacting social distancing 
  • Label entrances and exits

Removable floor decals are easy to install and can provide temporary advertising solutions for events or promote a limited time offer. After the promotion or event ends, simply remove the floor graphics and replace them with an updated message.

Gate City Signs & Graphics creates high-quality floor graphics for nearly any flooring surface indoors and outdoors including:

  • Tile,
  • Concrete
  • Laminated floors

With advancements in technology, traditional advertising methods sometimes fall short. Business owners are constantly seeking new and creative ways to get their message across to their existing and potential customers. Floor graphics are attention-grabbing and can help your business connect more effectively with your customers and earn more sales while at the same time promoting your brand message.

For building customer trust and loyalty, effective branding is a must. Branded floor graphics can help reinforce your brand identity and spread the word about the core values of your company. Whether you run a formal and professional company or a casual and fun consumer store, custom floor graphics can effectively capture your brand personality. Moreover, floor decals can be customized to match your brand’s exact color and font. It can also feature your company logo and motto

Floor graphics can effectively promote your business no matter what message you want to put across. Use custom floor graphics to draw customer attention, increase your brand awareness, advertise your upcoming events, or simply share messages that help you connect better with your customers. We can help you design and customize floor graphics that suit your space and business. Contact us today to discuss your options with our design experts!

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