Directory & Wayfinding Signs

When customers feel valued, safe, and happy, they keep us in business. This is why every business establishment, including yours, should invest in excellent business signage right off the bat. Astute business owners understand how custom directory and wayfinding signs can make a difference in their business and always seek to ensure that their wayfinding signage meets the demands of their target audience.

The Basics of Wayfinding

Business signage has been used by humanity since they began to trade goods and offer services, but over time wayfinding has evolved to be more user-centered instead of simply announcing where to find what in public places and private business spaces. For example, custom directory and wayfinding signs are now designed to meet certain standards to include individuals with disabilities. It has also become an integral part of every company’s marketing endeavors.

Public facilities are now becoming more accessible to all, including differently abled citizens, thanks to the Americans with Disability Act that makes sure all signage system can be read, seen, and understood even by people with visual and other types of impairment. These custom directory and wayfinding signs, therefore, are designed to be inclusive and user focused.

These signs are meant to show people, including those who are visiting for the first time, where to go to find what they need. Custom directory and wayfinding signs don’t only make visitors feel comfortable, but they also lessen the feelings of anxiety and confusion commonly experienced by individuals who are new in particular places. Additionally, they help guests save time in finding what they’re looking for.

Best Uses

Wayfinding signs are typically used by local governments to point people to places and are used both indoors and outdoors. Inside office spaces, they show customers and guest where to locate offices, restrooms, the fire exit, the finance department, and so on.

In department stores and large shopping centers, directory signs can be customized to suit the business’ brand and make people remember them forever. Custom directory and wayfinding signs that are designed to cohesively match the brand’s color and message make such a deep impact on customers and make them top-of-mind whenever these customers think of products and services they offer.

In addition to government facilities and commercial centers, directory and wayfinding signs are also widely used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, parks, amusement centers, schools, and virtually everywhere.

The Answer to Your Wayfinding Needs

If your business happens to be in Greensboro, NC, and nearby areas, Gate City Signs and Graphics is ready to provide total solutions to all your signage needs. This full-service company does not only possess a thorough understanding of how signs work to serve every individual business’ target customers, but it also makes use of technologically advanced creation and installation methods. This is to guarantee that you only get the best signage and most value for your investment.

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