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Custom digital displays are powerful modes of communication for business establishments that feature multimedia content. There are several reasons why many entrepreneurs make use of this signage.

First, these signs are attention-grabbing. One study revealed that digital signs have 400% more views than static signage. Another study showed that consumer’s recall and retention rates were much higher than traditional print signage. 83% of individuals remembered at least one ad that they were exposed to for a month. 65% recalled two and 47% remembered 3. This is because humans are trained to be captivated by bright and vivid colors, motion, and contrast. Furthermore, digital signage enables you to be as creative as you can possibly be with the content that you want to display in order to meet your marketing goals.

Second, it positively impacts consumer behavior. In one study, it was revealed that digital signs can increase sales by 32%. You can promote new product releases, limited time offers, and other promotional and informative content to encourage your patrons in making impulse purchases. Plus, businesses that have digital signs inside their establishments help improve the perceived waiting time of their shoppers. According to another study, 69% of customers said that the most irritating part of shopping was having to stand in long lines, and 84% of them also said that what helped them take their mind off the actual wait is watching in-store digital displays.

Third, digital signs are cost-effective. Unlike traditional means of print advertising, digital signs allow you to change and update the content more frequently. This means that you can display as many variations of advertisement you like, and identify which works more effectively in improving your sales, market share, and brand awareness without having to shell out huge chunks of money every time.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a highly dependable sign company serving Greensboro, North Carolina that specializes in custom digital displays, then better check out Gate City Signs and Graphics.

We take pride in using the most up-to-date technology and best-rated materials in producing our custom digital displays. What makes our company stand out from the rest is that we offer full-service project management, which means we do not only create custom digital displays, but we also design, install, and maintain them. In other words, if you’re still not 100% sure as to the final layout of your signage, then our amazing design experts can present you several options and can guide you with what works best for your business type and marketing goals. Also, if you have any questions or concerns during the sign production process, or if you need assistance when it comes to identifying the prime location for your custom display ads to be put up, then our project managers can help you with that.

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