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What Exactly are Canvas Prints

So what exactly are custom canvas prints and why are they getting popular? Canvas prints are photos or stock images printed on canvas, stretched over wooden frames, and hung on walls to provide aesthetic value to any room.

Custom canvas prints that are of superior quality, however, are not just printed on any canvas or stretched on any wooden frame by just anyone. At Gate City Signs and Graphics, we work to ensure that your photos or favorite pieces of artwork are printed only on high-quality canvas material using solvent- and chemical-free ink, and stretched over premium grade wooden frames by experts with years of experience in this craft.

Using state-of-the-art printing technology, your photos are digitally enhanced to produce a breathtaking handiwork that adds life to any wall you hang it on. Guests and clients will find it difficult to not compliment you for your aestheticism.

Here are some ways custom canvas prints are used:

  • as home décor
  • as office décor
  • in photo exhibits
  • as a gift item for family and friends

Uses of Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are so versatile, interior designers and art enthusiasts can use them to liven up essentially any room. Every family has one or two favorite moments they want to treasure forever. Capturing these moments by having them printed on canvas is a smart way to preserve memories for generations to come.

Business owners, regardless of the size of their business, have an opportunity to impress their clients by having canvas prints hung in lobbies, hallways or offices. A canvas print of your team’s recent team-building exercise in an exotic location displayed in the employee’s lounge will inspire your staff and boost their morale. Similarly, a large canvas print capturing a major milestone in your business or of a significant charitable event displayed in your lobby will surely impress guests and walk-in customers.

Why Canvas Printing

Besides the fact that canvas printing is relatively inexpensive, it is fast becoming a popular choice because of its no-glare quality.

Glass-framed photos and those printed on glossy materials may look gorgeous at certain angles, but in rooms where there’s plenty of natural or synthetic lighting, these photos tend to reflect light that prevents observers from seeing them the way they should be seen.

Canvas prints offer a stylishly elegant solution to that due to its matte finish and classic look. Moreover, this modern printing system offers thousands of customization options, you can never run out of ways to have your images designed to suit your taste or your business’ overall message. You can choose from various sizes as well. You can either have one wall adorned by one large piece of canvas print or an entire gallery of smaller prints that showcase your favorite photos. Either way, you can have every piece of artwork designed to convey your message.

Get Started on Canvas Prints

If you are ready to have your custom canvas prints made, get in touch with Gate City Signs and Graphics.

We offer high-caliber products and services to guarantee total customer satisfaction. We also provide a wide range of customization services that allow our customers to personalize their images to add texts, filters, and other effects to transform their images into remarkable works of art.

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