How Vehicle Graphics can Reinforce your Brand Identity

How Vehicle Graphics can Reinforce your Brand Identity

Vehicle WrapWhile there is a difference in approach when designing business signs and vehicle graphics, the overreaching goal for both is to reinforce brand identity.  Vehicle graphics are typically meant to plant your company image, brand, or logo in the mind of your potential customers.

Whether you’re an established business or a startup, vehicle graphics can boost your marketing and advertising efforts and improve sales. Vehicle branding is more often an underestimated method of advertisement, but it plays a critical role in promoting brand identity. Your company vehicles move everywhere and provide a mobile blank canvas that you can use to portray any brand messaging or imagery.


Types of Vehicle Graphics

There are several forms of vehicle graphics that you can choose for your company, but here are some of the most popular options:

Full or Partial Wraps

Vehicle wraps are exceptional signs that represent your brand through positive imagery. Large sheets of vinyl are applied to cover, uplift, and transform your fleet of vehicles. Vinyl wraps are usually heated and molded to conform to the exact contours of your vehicles.

Vehicle wrapping offers prolonged durability and you can choose to remove them at the end of the advertising campaign or at the end of the vehicle’s useful life.

Spot Graphics

Vinyl graphics and vehicle lettering provide a quick and easy advertising means for your company vehicles. Spot Graphics are generally self-adhesive and can be installed by simply attaching the vinyl. Since they provide a fast turnaround time, they are best for promotions and ad hoc usage.

Spot Graphics are an affordable and quicker alternative to partial wraps and full wraps and are mostly designed with your vehicle’s color and bodywork in mind, as opposed to covering up the whole vehicle.

Magnetic Car Signs

Magnetic car signs are simple and designed for cost-effective vehicle branding. They are easy to clean and maintain and are also fade-resistant. You can apply and remove magnetic car signs and even move them to any part of the vehicle for enhanced visibility.


How Vehicle Graphics Promote Brand Identity

Vehicle graphics can help reinforce your brand identity in the following ways:

#1: Builds Customer Confidence

Statistics indicate that most people find it a risky venture doing business with a company they have never heard about or dealt with in the past. Buyers tend to avoid having bad experiences or failing to get their money’s worth. With proper vehicle graphics, you’ll significantly enhance your presentation and have an edge over your competitors.

Vehicle graphics also help to elevate your company’s reliability, create a lasting impression, and showcase your company’s professionalism with a bright, lively appearance.

#2: Building Social Proof

With vehicle graphics, you can typically turn the sides of your company’s vehicles into mobile billboards that go everywhere your brand goes. People who may be interested in your products or services can easily learn about your existence by seeing the graphics on your car while parked or out on the road. This enhances brand awareness and increases your sales.

More importantly, your potential customers will get a sense of social proof whenever they see your branded vehicle on-site at another job. If you think about it, people will feel more confident doing business with your company simply because they see other people doing it. It’s a perfect endorsement for a first-time customer who was previously unsure about your brand.

#3: Enhancing Advertisement

Vehicle branding is a cost-effective form of marketing and advertising. Your company vehicles are always on the move, and you can easily reach out to 30,000-80,000 potential customers every day.

The traditional means of advertising on billboards is relatively expensive and highly competitive. You’ll need to fight for prime spots at bus stations, airports, or train stations with big brands that have money to burn, making it expensive.

However, vehicle branding is a one-time expense that will work for you over a long period. You can, for example, replace vinyl branding whenever you choose to rebrand or change your messaging in the future, which further cuts down on costs.


Wrapping Up

Vehicle graphics provide an effective and cost-effective way to market your business and enhance brand awareness with your potential customers. Your entire fleet of company vehicles will be turned into mobile representations of your business’ standing and values. Work with an experienced graphics designer to create exceptional graphics and begin to enjoy the benefits of branding and advertising opportunities available with vehicle graphics. It’s a sure way to set your business apart from the competitors and improve sales.

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