How to select the best Lobby Signs for your Business

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How to select the best Lobby Signs for your Business

Lobbies and reception areas make the first impression when customers and potential partners walk into your business. It’s important to keep it nice, elegant, cozy, and distinguished. A great illumination, relaxing colors, and comfortable furniture all play an important role in getting your customers into the right mood. However, no lobby or waiting area is complete without a catchy and unique lobby sign. A well-designed lobby sign is the cherry on top of your reception area, but choosing the right signage is much more than just matching the design with your branding. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best lobby signs for your business:

1- Choose the Right Location

Lobby signage showcases what your business stands for, your company culture, and how you do business. It’s the first impression your customers get when they walk into your business, and if you do it right, you’re assuring your customers they’ve come to the right place.

When a lobby sign is positioned in the right location, it can act as a sales and income catalyst while enhancing your brand awareness. Ensure that the lobby sign fits the available space and stands out. It should be the first thing that visitors set their eyes on whenever they walk into your business. More often, the best location for a lobby sign is the wall directly behind your reception desk. Note that the type of wall, color, and texture all play a role when deciding the type of sign to mount.

2- Match Your Lobby Sign with Your Industry

You should choose a lobby sign that specifically fits your industry. For example, a lobby sign for a marketing agency can never be the same as that of a law firm. Do your research and see what other businesses in your industry have done to get a grasp of the type of lobby sign that will work well for your business.

3- Choose a Lobby Sign that Fits Your Brand

The same way your lobby sign should match your industry, it should go well with your brand and the message you wish to convey to your customers. Make sure your branding guidelines allow for certain stylistic choices before you make your choice.

4- Work Within Your Budget

Lobby signs can come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, fonts, materials, etc. So, the budget is not a one-size-fits-all. You need to work with your graphic designer to create a customized sign based on your business needs while staying within the scope of your budget. Knowing your budget beforehand can help you choose the right lobby sign without breaking the bank.

5- Choose the Right Material

Lobby signs are made of a wide range of materials and styles. They can also be non-illuminated, illuminated, or even self-lighted. Acrylics, foam, and metal are the most common materials for lobby signage products. Glass, marble, and bamboo are not as frequently used but are available. If you need depth for your lobby signage but like the beauty of metal, you could opt for painted foam as a substrate with a metal laminate to get the best of both worlds. It’s a good idea to work with a combination of materials to achieve perfect results.

6- Choose the Right Type of Lobby Sign

The common types of lobby signs are 3D Letters, Panel Signs, and Vinyl or Digital Print. 3D letters are excellent choices for lobby signs as they look elegant and professional. They are highly flexible, and with proper use of colors, they can appear extremely playful and striking. You can opt for either illuminated or non-illuminated options depending on your style.

Panel signs are equally flexible and can be shaped into a wide range of forms. It’s easy to customize fonts, logos, colors, and styles. Moreover, panel signs work well with many materials such as metal, foam, and acrylic.

Vinyl or Digital Print allows you to easily transform the look of an empty wall and totally change the interior environment of your front office. Flat vinyl letters and logos can be seamlessly applied to a wall or a dimensional panel affixed off from the wall.

Ultimately, developing an effective, cool, unique, and elegant lobby sign boils down to limitless imagination. Work with a reputable graphics designer to help you weigh different options and choose a lobby sign that will transform the look of your reception area and inspire sales.

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