How to Plan for Signage in the Upcoming Year

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How to Plan for Signage in the Upcoming Year

You need a signage business plan whether your organization is service, warehouse, retail, existing, or new. Far too often, we are only called in to design and install signage when a company is remodeling, rebranding, relocating, or expanding. You may end up with a new sign that does not complement your existing signage when you do not have a plan. To help your budget and planning for new signage in Greensboro, NC in 2016, we have put together this handy guide.

What Signs Do You Typically Need?

When business owners come to us for new signage, we generally break down the types of signs they need into three groups: signs that are required by regulations, useful signage, and signs that are best for promotional purposes. These often include:

Signs (Usually) Required by Law:

Useful Signage:

  • Primary and secondary identification
  • Directional an wayfinding
  • Maps and directories
  • Informational, including restrooms and other common areas
  • Message centers

Promotional Markers:

Basic Sign Planning

Once you have a good grip on the types of signs you will need and how many you want, you should create a budget. Local sign shops can give you quotes and make recommendations that fit your purposes and budget. Once you have your signage, you should audit your signage checklist each quarter. You should ask yourself questions like “Has remodeling or added locations created new signage opportunities?” and “Are we meeting local sign ordinances?” Signs should be inspected for cleanliness, condition, and uniformity on a yearly basis.

Gate City Can Help You with This Process

Gate City Signs & Graphics knows that your budget is one of your top priorities. To give you the best value for your buck with uncompromised quality, we work with you during the entire design, permitting, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance process. We can give you the information you need when creating your sign budget thanks to our vast experience with numerous sign projects throughout Greensboro.

As a full-service signage design and fabrication shop, our installation team will make sure your sign is installed in the most affordable manner while making sure your marker meets local ordinances. We take care of site surveys, any required engineering, electrical work, and permitting. Our team is skilled at completing jobs within your budget and in a timely manner.

Part of your 2016 signage plan should include repair or maintenance on your current signs. Fortunately, Gate City has a dedicated sign repair and maintenance team of experienced technicians that are on call for whenever you may need them. You should not allow your signs to look shabby since they are often the first impression customers have of your business. We can keep them looking great with cleaning, proactive sign inspection, and regular maintenance so your sign will remain a powerful branding tool for your organization.

As you do your 2016 budget and planning for new signage in Greensboro, NC, please consider contacting the friendly experts at Gate City. Give us a call today for a free consultation!

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