How to Make the Office Lobby Feel Inviting

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How to Make the Office Lobby Feel Inviting

If you’ve heard the saying, “Style is a simple way of saying complicated things,” you understand that your lobby or waiting room’s style is critical to the success of your business. Keeping your lobby presentable with the use of professional cleaning support like green facilities (read more about it here) is integral to the first impression you make to customers. You have so much to say! And you have one space in which to convey your mission, integrity, commitment to good work, and customer-service-based environment.

Put Some Life in Your Lobby

Interior designer Carla Turk enjoys creating lobby design that speaks to a company’s brand and inspires employees toward better productivity. Your office lobby is the very first thing that employees or potential clients will see when they enter your building, so you want to make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing, as well as being functional to your business needs. Alongside the advice that interior designer Carla Turk can give you, this Construction By Daniels’ office lobby guide can also help you to establish the sorts of elements that you should be incorporating into your lobby design to help it stand out from the rest. Here are eight tips for making your lobby design feel inviting:

  1. Chairs – Do you want a hopeful, upbeat atmosphere? Go with futuristic furniture! Remember, people come in all shapes and sizes. Ensure your chairs accommodate heavyweights and also are low enough for smaller people.
  2. Conversation pieces – Something that is whimsical and subtly linked to what you do will bring waiting clients together in lobby conversation.
  3. Custom art – Digital images can be imprinted on different types of surfaces, including walls. Your logo and complementing colors are good lobby design pieces.
  4. Decorative lighting – One designer advises using lamps vs. ceiling lights; that’s a good idea, but also add pendant lights for another layer of interesting light. Have a look into lighting outlets like Claxy or similar, for different styles of lighting to choose from that best suits the atmosphere you’re trying to create for the lobby.
  5. Digital image wall covering – You can convey your company’s priorities with photography.
  6. Eliminate Clutter – Devote one area to magazines or coffee/tea station. Popcorn machines are always a big hit! If your reception area is visible from the lobby, keep it tidy with organizers. Organization and neatness can promote confidence in your company.
  7. Flooring – Again, integrate your logo colors into your flooring. Use different material at the reception desk; the flooring you use can create visibility of your company culture.

We are the ‘Lobbyists’ for Your Company!

At Gate City Signs & Graphics, we mind our own business when we should, but we’re all about your business when you need us! Lobby design is one of the areas in which we can help you or your interior decorator pull together the elements to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Call 336-617-8823 or contact us to discuss lobby design options!

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