How to Incorporate Wall Graphics in Your Business

How to Incorporate Wall Graphics in Your Business

Wall WrapWith wall graphics, you can transform your bare walls into your company’s branding and advertising platform. Corporate wall graphics can help you create interest and visual drama on blank wall spaces and promote brand awareness. You can also use custom wall graphics to showcase your business’s professionalism in an exceptionally versatile manner.

Additionally, wall graphics can help inspire and motivate your employees, which helps to create a positive company culture. You can also use vinyl wall decals to connect your clients to your brand and provide direction. Overall, here are five ways to incorporate these custom wall graphics in your business:

1: Brand Your Office Space

Consistent branding is vital to your company’s success because it makes your brand more memorable and credible to customers and other visitors. If you want to gain respect in your industry and become a household name, it is crucial to effectively brand your business. Custom wall decals allow you to display your company imagery, colors, graphics, and logos onto your office walls. Wall graphics also act as an extension of all of your branding and advertising efforts. When done effectively, wall graphics will make your business inseparable from specific images, colors, and phrases.

2: Provide Directions

The most functional benefit of custom wall graphics is their ability to provide directions to people inside or outside of your building. With directional wall graphics, you can point visitors to different areas of your business that they might be looking for. For example, if you share a building with other businesses, you can use wall decals to direct your prospects to the appropriate reception area or floor.

Fortunately, wayfinding graphics on your business walls are generally simple in application. You can use them to identify restrooms, meeting rooms, individuals’ office spaces, elevators, and other critical areas. In addition to using text to show direction, these graphics may also use images, such as arrows, to help visitors know where they need to go.

3: Attract Attention

The primary goal of corporate wall graphics is to grab people’s attention. You can use wall decals to highlight a new product, reflect the values of your organization, provide directions for your visitors, or even motivate your employees. People will easily get your attention since wall graphics are noticeable both inside and outside of your building.

On the exterior, you can use wall murals or decals that stand out to your target audience. And if you regularly host meetings within the building, a wall mural that features your brand name or logo will make your business extra noticeable for customers or business partners attending the meeting. Additionally, having a corporate wall graphic outside your business premises can make more potential customers aware of your existence and spread brand awareness. You can even add a wall wrap, which would provide more coverage and can greatly enhance both the exterior and interior look of your business.

4: Communicate Mission Statement and Core Values

Commercial wall graphics can effectively communicate the values that drive your business. You can use custom lettering in either a two-dimensional or three-dimensional form to convey your values. It often works great when you place your mission statement up on a wall where your employees regularly pass by. This will remind them of the company standards they should be aspiring to meet in their work, as well as the core values they should emulate.

Besides using text, you can communicate your mission and values using images that clarify what you care about. For instance, a wall graphic that features a photo of your team at work in the field will indicate how your company values the community you operate in.

5: Showcase Products and Services

If your customers regularly come to your office or if you sell products from a store, you will appreciate commercial wall graphics. With wall decals, you can include vivid images of your products or services to arouse the interest of anyone visiting your building. Whether you choose small or large wall decals, an engaging image of your product or service will go a long way in inspiring people to make a purchase.

If you’re looking for an effective but cost-effective way to enhance business success, our wall graphic installations will give you the precise look you are envisioning with consistency. We promise your custom wall decals will enhance your branding and advertising experience! Contact us today to get the job done right the first time!

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