How to Implement Floor and Window Graphics within your Business

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How to Implement Floor and Window Graphics within your Business

Directional Floor GraphicsMany successful brands have already discovered innovative ways to use signage and graphics to grow their businesses and improve customer experience. However, very few of them focus on floors and windows as potential areas to display brand messages.

Your floors and windows provide a great opportunity to grab your customers’ attention and convey effective directional messages. As customers walk around your facility, they will carefully inspect the floor to ensure a clear path ahead. So, you can use floor graphics to address many of your messaging and advertising needs.

Here are some innovative ways to implement floor and window graphics:

Use Floor Graphics to Grab Attention

Much like other signage options, floor decals are effective at grabbing visitors’ attention the moment they step onto your property. Since many people often get distracted with multiple things and gadgets, the floor is the right place to convey your marketing or advertising message as customers will strive to maintain a safe path. Floor decals also work great at moving foot traffic towards your product or sale event.

These graphics come in a wide range of sizes and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Pair your floor graphics with the right overlaminate to prolong their life, especially in high traffic areas that require slip resistance and regular cleaning regimens.

Provide Direction with Floor Decals

Floor decals also work great at providing direction. If you need to signal high traffic to a particular area of your business, you can use floor graphics to conveniently move your customers through your building and make daily operations run smoothly.

Directional floor decals can be placed at intended entrances and exits, or even to create safe routes and queuing distances for visitors. One outstanding benefit of vinyl floor graphics is that you can regularly clean them with warm soapy water.

Make Social Distancing Easier for Customers

Use Social Distancing floor graphics to help address the concerns of your staff and customers due to the corona virus pandemic. They offer a great way to transform your visitors’ uncertainty into confidence amidst the pandemic.

You can also use directional COVID floor graphics and temporary signs for walls and windows to safely guide your customers to different sections of your building, such as hand washing and sanitizing points. Since social distancing guidelines may evolve, make use of your graphics to reference the latest government recommendations.

Better Organization

Space is always in demand in any business premise. One of the major benefits of floor decals and window decals is that they fit practically anywhere. They don’t waste your valuable floor and wall space like posters, standing signs, or digital displays do.

Use Window Graphics to Convey Important Information

Window stickers or custom transparent window decals are perfect ways to display short-term brand information, such as temporary business hours during the COVID-19 pandemic. They can help keep your customers aware of important information about your business operations. Since window stickers are easy to remove, they leave your windows clean whenever you need to replace them with updated information.

Enhance Safety with Floor Decals & Window Decals

Every workplace should strive to provide a safer work environment. Using eye-catching floor decals and window vinyl can help address the unique safety needs of the modern world. You can use graphics to send warnings, keep high-traffic areas clear, section off areas, and so much more. Another important safety aspect of floor decals is, of course, helping your customers to keep better social distancing.

So, these are just a few innovative applications of floor and window graphics that have been recognized by successful business leaders across the world. They provide an effective and efficient way to accomplish your business objectives while keeping your customers safe.

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