How to Find the Best Sign Company in High Point NC

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How to Find the Best Sign Company in High Point NC

There are a wide range of sign shops in the area to pick from. Each one provides a vast array of sign materials and types. So, how does the average business owner choose the best sign company? High Point, NC entrepreneurs can turn to this guide to help with their decision making process.

Reachable and Reputable

You should be able to reach and count on any company you choose for your signs. When we say reputable, we mean the shop should explain the entire sign making process and be transparent about what they can and cannot do.

By reachable, we mean that they should be able to answer your questions by email or phone in a timely manner. If you are having an issue with your markers, they should be able to send someone out quickly to fix it. This is the kind of customer support you cannot get from online suppliers.

Equipment and Expertise

A great sign shop will have in-house graphic artists who are knowledgeable about what works on vehicle graphics or signs and what does not and have the creativity to really make your markers stand out. Sign companies must also have cutting edge printers and other equipment. Plus, they need a large database for storing artwork, in case your graphics need to be reprinted or modified and so you can keep the branding consistent as they perform work for you down the road.

Additional Considerations

Quality, follow up service, and pricing are all important considerations as well. You also want to make certain they are able to handle securing the appropriate permits for the project. Gate City Signs & Graphics will help you with the entire process from permitting to maintenance as an experienced sign company.

lobby signThe materials used for your markers will strongly influence how expensive they will be to maintain along with how long they will last. You want to be sure your sign is constructed from heavy duty materials that you can afford to keep in good condition if you want it to last for many years and it will be exposed to harsh elements. We have the widest selection of materials from the top manufacturers in the world.

We Love Travelling to High Point!

Though we are located in Greensboro, we enjoy making the trip to our Guilford County neighbors to the southwest. The Furniture and Hosiery Capital of the World has a lot going for it despite only have a humble population of 107,741. And, due to the many big employer, such as Bank of America, High Point Regional Health System, Thomas Built Buses, Ralph Lauren, High Point University (Go Panthers!), and many more, there are plenty of jobs in the area.

High Point is one of our favorite places from the Crowne at James Landing and High Point Festival Park to Oak Hollow Mall and High Point Furniture Sales and every place in between. As you shop around for the best sign shop in High Point, NC, please consider Gate City Signs & Graphics. Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation.

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