How to Design Business Signs That Get Attention

How to Design Business Signs That Get Attention

The International Sign Association (ISA) says the right sign for your business isn’t about logos and slogans. “It is also a blending of . . . marketing, demographics, an understanding of visual acuity, conspicuity, and obliquity. Complicating the task is the fact that the reader is usually moving, and the sign must be seen, read and understood in an instant.”

Experienced designers of business signs know how competitive you have to be in a media-rich marketing environment where getting your customers’ attention quickly and leaving them with something memorable is essential.

Three Essential Elements

The goal of your business signs or graphics is to get them to respond by using the right sign and the right message. Three elements you need are:

  1. Placement – Billboard placement is determined by your drivers’ speed and how fast they can safely stop. Building signs need to be parallel to the road and about 70% larger than your road sign, or it can’t be read in time. The same can be said for wall graphics.
  2. Size – The size of your signage and lettering depends on the sign’s placement. The rule of thumb is, letters should be 1″ for every 25´ of distance. So, if your drivers are 410´ away, the smallest letters should be 16.4″. Fancy lettering must be larger than easy-to-read typefaces.
  3. Height – Once you’ve determined the placement and the size of your lettering, you need to figure how tall your sign has to be. If your sign is downtown, where traffic moves slowly, it can be smaller than a sign positioned by a fast-moving interstate (which should be 75´ minimum in height). Here are some recommended heights based on drivers’ speeds if you are considering a road sign or a roadside mural:
  • 25mph – 12´
  • 35mph – 20´
  • 45mph – 35´
  • 55mph – 50´

Your Brand Begins with You

Gate City Signs & Graphics has the professional experience to make sure your message – your brand – gets noticed. For up-front pricing with no surprises and unique, exciting business signs, call 336-617-8823 or contact us for more information. And while we’re creating signs to grab customers who are on the move, let’s consider designing a sign that moves when you do! Vehicle wraps are effective and trending big-time today!

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