How Large Should You Make Your Wall Murals In Your Store?

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How Large Should You Make Your Wall Murals In Your Store?

Wall Murals are a great way to convey your brand in your business, especially when you have an available wall space that otherwise would look plain with nothing there. And in the age of large digital screen starting to take up entire wall spaces, having a mural that takes up the same space can be just as eye-catching. The reason is because signage can be placed there in full color and with brilliant graphics to give you the same feel of a digital screen.

Wall Mural

Here at Gate City Signs, we can help you use a little creativity to determine just how large you want to go with your wall murals and wall graphics. Using different textures and fabrics, we’ll help create a unique look for your interior advertising.

How Big Should Your Logo Be?

Most stores will want to place their logo on a wall to help get their brand better assimilated. If you’ve invested time and money into creating an artistic logo, there’s no better way to have it displayed than as a giant graphic on a wall in your store. People can appreciate the artwork more and notice details they otherwise wouldn’t if you only use your logo in smaller-scale advertising. This already helps people memorize your logo so it becomes recognizable any time they see it elsewhere.

How large you want to go is all up to you. We can accommodate any length of wall space and provide numerous textures and fabrics that match the aesthetic of your brand.

How Big Should Your Text Be?

We’ll also help put the name of your store or related text on the wall with your logo and other graphics. Perhaps you have a business motto that you want to place on the wall with your logo if you’ve already shown your business name enough outside. Or wall murals can be used for basic advertising of a product if you have a consistent item you sell that you won’t be changing any time soon. It can be the equivalent of a giant billboard inside your business in full, vibrant color.

What About Images?

We can help you place images on the wall with the logo and basic signage. The imagery can be just as impressive when seen from a distance. In fact, aligning your wall mural with the front entrance is a good idea so people can see it from afar as they enter. This can attract your customers immediately to what you stand for, and perhaps to a section where you want them to go first.

The strategies of size and placement are going to be up to you, though we’ll consult with you on the best locations for a wall mural. Don’t think going large is inflating your ego, because wall murals are becoming very popular and much more affordable than buying a digital screen filling the same amount of space.

contact us here at Gate City Signs so we can show you our portfolio of wall murals and wall graphics to give you ideas. Also, if you need any other signage outside or inside your business, we’re here for you to provide anything you need. We promise creativity and excellent customer service to get your signage installed as quickly as possible.

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