How Do Vehicle Graphics Build Your Brand?

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How Do Vehicle Graphics Build Your Brand?

Danny Perry is the founder of He likes to share information with other people who want to offer handyman (or woman) services. Because handyman skills are location-specific, Perry recommends vehicle graphics.


Branding your Vehicle

“Not only can throwing some vinyl graphics on your work truck gain you a few leads here and there, but it also helps to build authority and trust with your customers,” says Perry. Vans, work trucks, delivery vehicles – all of them are effective ways to advertise your products and services.

No matter what kind of service or product you offer, if you or your employees drive for business, vehicle graphics are a terrific idea. Here are four vehicle graphics benefits from Dan Perry:

1. Familiarity builds your business

Potential customers tend to go with what they know, and when they see your vehicle graphics often, they’ll think of you first when they need a service or product.

2. They can trust you

When your vehicles are out and about – assuming you’re driving a clean, late-model car – potential clients can see that you are serious about your business. Your company will be here for them when they need you.

3. You’ll respect their budget

Vehicle wrapping is inexpensive. The fact that you’re smart enough to use this unique form of advertising to save money signals you’ll be just as conscientious with their money, as well.

4. You know your stuff

By putting your services “out there,” every day, customers will feel assured that you’re confident about your experience and your brand.

Vehicle Graphics: Getting Started

Your first step is to identify what you want to gain from your vehicle signage. If you want to generate new business, two things must be clearly visible from at least 100 yards: your name and your phone.

When you know what you want to accomplish, it’s time to call your graphics professionals at Gate City Signs & Graphics. We’ll have additional ideas for your content and some thoughts on design, including whether full wraps or partial wraps will be most effective. Let’s get rolling! Call 336-617-8823 or contact us today.

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