How Business Signs Can Make Your Business Stand Out

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How Business Signs Can Make Your Business Stand Out

 An eye-catching business sign is a great way to draw attention and foot traffic into your business. Gate City Signs is the design, sign and graphics company committed to creating your optimum corporate identity. If you are looking for a unique sign design that quite literally “pops”, here are a few suggestions for your business signs.

Lobby Signs

Raised letter signs are ideal for lobby environments. Especially in commercial real estate spaces that contain several businesses, an attention-grabbing lobby sign ensures that visitors can relax knowing they have arrived at the correct floor and suite. In upscale or corporate environments such as a law office, the protrusion of dimensional signs can draw attention to an intentionally minimalistic logo.

Exterior Signs

Effective exterior signs do wonders to draw in pedestrian traffic. Dimensional signs, especially with vibrantly colored dimensional letters are appealing and highly visible. Adding bright, engaging graphics to a sign with raised lettering is another way to even further enhance the attention-grabbing effect.

Interior Wall Lettering

For a creative twist on interior signs or lobby signs, dimensional letters and logos can be arranged according to custom preference. For an edgy, sophisticated look appropriate to a gallery space, trendy coffee shop, or hot spot bar, mixed vertical and horizontal raised lettering can create a vibe of modern chic. Vertical raised lettering can also maximize visibility by using the largest font possible in an environment with limited space.

Adding custom graphics or logos and choosing bright, attractive color combinations are other ways to enhance the benefits of dimensional signs. Edge and back lighting create even more illuminating possibilities. Not quite sure what direction to go in? Leave it to the experts! Our design team would be happy to help you create the perfect professional and compelling image that defines your business. Whatever your inspiration dictates, Gate City Signs is here to help.

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