Gill Family Dentistry Brands with Dimensional Letter Building Sign in Greensboro NC

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Gill Family Dentistry Brands with Dimensional Letter Building Sign in Greensboro NC

Dimensional letter building signs are always a cost-effective and versatile solution when you need markers on the exterior of your facility. Commonly referred to as raised letters and 3D letters, these signs help your business stand out. This was exactly what Gill Family Dentistry wanted when they contacted Gate City Signs & Graphics for dimensional letter building signs for dental firms in Greensboro, NC.

What Is Gill Family Dentistry?

Located on Muirs Chapel Road in Greensboro, Gill Family Dentistry is the dental practice of Dr. Alexander L. Gill, DDS, PA. They pride themselves on offering exceptional patient care and a full selection of dental services with cutting edge equipment. They seek to address the anxiety that many people have about going to the dentist by providing gentle compassionate care. Many dentistry offices are trying to combat the belief that dentists need to be feared. Some other dentists, such as one of the Gresham dentist practices, have decided to bring sedated dentistry into their work. This makes patients much more relaxed as they can’t feel any pain, therefore reducing their anxiety. Anyway, Gill Family Dentistry’s services include preventive care, general dentistry, periodontal exams, crowns, teeth whitening, and more.

When an organization that does so much to take care of local residents, pearly whites came to us for dimensional letter building signs for dental firms in Greensboro, NC, we were more than happy to help out. They wanted signage on their building that would make their location clearly visible to patients. Fortunately, we knew just what to do.

What We Did for Gill Family Dentistry

We started the whole sign-making process by meeting with the client to discuss what they had in mind for their new marker. Based on their vision, budget, and venue, we recommended dimensional letters. Gill Family Dentistry thought that sounded great, and once they approved the designs, we got down to work.

Gill Family Dentistry does not use any specific fonts or colors on their marketing materials, so they were fairly open to what we used for their signage. Dentists typically benefit from presenting a professional appearance. And, metal is ideal for a professional look. However, metal letters can get expensive. So, we painted PVC letters gold colored.

Once the letters were ready, we worked with the client’s schedule to install them at a time when we would not disrupt the business. In the end, Gill Family Dentistry was completely satisfied with the work we did.

Why You Should Consider Dimensional Letters for Your Business

Organizations, businesses, and other enterprises in just about any industry can benefit from installing dimensional letter signs. We can add the letters to a panel, which we then install on your venue. Or, these markers can be mounted directly to the exterior of your building for a distinguished look. 3D letters also work well on monument signs.

These signs do not usually have their own lighting. Yet, we can improve your organization’s visibility after dark by installing spotlighting. Also, PVC is not the only material we use. Acrylic, sign foam, and metal are also popular. Acrylic and metal laminates can be added to sign foam or PVC substrates. There are seemingly endless possibilities.

If you want to take advantage of this excellent visual branding tool, contact the friendly professionals at Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation.

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