Food Truck Wraps and Trailer Graphics

food truck wraps, trailer graphics

Food Truck Wraps and Trailer Graphics

Looking for food truck wraps or trailer graphics?
Are you a food truck owner or a restaurateur looking to break into the soaring food truck business?
Do you need a trailer to haul your business equipment, tools, parts, and supplies?

Then you know how essential brand recognition is. If you serve great, authentic or gourmet food and couple that with a well-recognizable food truck or trailer, people will follow you anywhere!

Food Truck Wraps: Brand Recognition at a Glance

Food trucks, taco trucks, and food vans rely on brand recognition. And nothing is more recognizable than your brand, your colors, and your graphics splashed across a food truck. At Gate City Signs & Graphics, we take great pride in providing our local food truck vendors with snappy and vibrant truck graphics that will get noticed on the road and wherever you’re parked.

You have several options when it comes to food truck wraps and trailer graphics.
• Full-vehicle vinyl wraps
• Partial-vehicle vinyl wraps
• Colorful vehicle lettering

Designing a Social Media-Worthy Food Truck Wrap

Perhaps the most important things in the food truck industry besides the right locations are crafting a food presentation and creating a dynamic food truck that is social media worthy. Give your food fans something to get excited about. Your fans and brand advocates will be buzzing in no time!

Let’s face it, the food trucks with simple lettering—or dare we say plain white coloring—have the shortest lines. The food trucks with the longest lines not only have a reputation for great food, they also have splashy colors and graphics to attract new customers all the time.
That’s why we take the time to provide you with the highest-quality vinyl food truck wraps. You can count on Gate City Signs & Graphics for a professional job from start to finish.
• Expert designers that customize your food truck wrap with personality
• Top-quality vinyl —No peeling. No creases. No bubbles. No wrinkles.
• Skilled printing and production of your custom wrap
• Professional graphic installation every time

A unique and visually powerful food truck design is essential to drawing in a crowd. People want to be part of the excitement. And the more people waiting in line to try your food, the more people will join that line—simply because of the fear of missing out (FOMO) factor. People don’t want to miss out on a good thing. They want to be part of the action.

That’s why we custom design every vinyl wrap for your specific food truck. Plus, our vinyl food truck wraps will retain their original colors throughout several years of weathering by rain, sun, snow, ice, and more! You’ll be enjoying a return on your investment in no time.

Trailer Graphics that Talk

Do you need to upfit your business with a trailer?

Driving a fancy truck with a plain white trailer is kind of like going to the prom all dressed up with no shoes. When you’re driving your work truck or van around town, you’ll want a matching trailer to extend your message and brand name recognition.

So, make sure your business is outfitted from ‘head to toe’ every time you’re on the road. A vinyl-wrapped trailer tells prospective clients that you are a genuine business person and that you take your business seriously. A tailored public image is the first thing you need in place to establish a trust factor with your existing and potential customers.

Don’t get left behind when it comes to business opportunities. And certainly, don’t let your fans, brand advocates, and customers down when it comes to look and brand image.

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