Five Steps to Persuasive Trade Show Displays

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Five Steps to Persuasive Trade Show Displays

There are three groups of people who show up at trade shows. The first group shows up because it is something to do or they were roped into the event by someone else. They have no intention of buying anything. The second group shows up because they have an interest in the focus of the show, but they are still collecting information. They may or may not make a purchase one day.

The third group arrives with the means and intention to make a purchase. Let’s call this group your Target Group. They have done much of their research, know a lot about your industry and have an immediate need for your products or services. When you design your Trade Show Displays, you have this group in mind.

If you do your job right, you will convert some members of the second group into the Target Group, increasing your sales from the event. You will at least turn many members of the second group into solid leads so that you are there when they become members of the Target Group.

You have already completed the first step to designing effective displays for upcoming trade shows. You have realized that not every person walking by your trade show booth or table is going to respond to your display, banner stands, and table throw, no matter how much money you spend on the design. They don’t show up to the show for you, and you don’t show up for them. Focus on your Target Group


If you follow the remaining five steps listed below, you will design displays that grab members of your Target Group and make them want to engage your representatives.

1. Identify with Your Market

When potential customers first catch sight of your display, you want them to instantly realize that they belong with your brand. Your brand gets who they are and understands what they need. They walk up to your representatives willingly because they see images and words that tell them you have what they need.

How do you connect with members of your market without speaking to them first? You do it by asking yourself what members of your Target Group need and desire.

Imagine someone with credit card in hand, ready to make a substantial purchase from your company. What goals are they striving to achieve? What problems do they need to solve? What tugs at their heart and makes them want to take action?

Answering those questions will help you understand your ideal customer. Your goal is to create trade show displays that portray these ideal customers benefiting from your products or services. You want your Target Group to look at your displays and see themselves solving problems and reaching goals.

2. Use Color Wisely

Yes, you want to get attention, but you don’t want to stand out for clashing, annoying color combinations. Select colors that represent the vibe of your brand in a flashy yet appealing manner. Loud is not always best for your brand, so work closely with a professional designer, like Gate City Signs, who understands the impact of color.

3. Spare the Detail

Trade show displays should not feature every specification of your product or benefit of your service. Crowded displays are easily tuned out because they are too overwhelming and confusing. Focus on connecting with your Target Group and allow your representatives, flyers and brochures to deliver the details.

4. Put a Stamp on It

Don’t forget to add your logo in a noticeable place. Your logo should not take over the display, but passerby should see it easily and remember it. Branding is an important aspect of trade show participation. Even if people passing by choose not to engage your representatives, you want them to remember your brand name if they ever join your Target Group.

Table Throws

5. Make the Investment

If you don’t take your trade show displays seriously, neither will anyone else. If you don’t invest in your company enough to stand out from competitors, you will blend in and receive less than impressive responses. Even worse, you could stand out for looking cheap and unprofessional.

That is why a well-designed display created from high-quality materials is so important. Throwing plain curtains up on the back wall and draping a table with generic cloth is not going to earn serious attention from members of your Target Group, even if you add flowers and other decorative features.

If you are ready to work with a professional team to create effective displays that stand out for all the right reasons, contact Gate City Signs and Graphics today.

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