Facility Branding

The “art” of creating special facilities has been around for a few decades, but the quest for the ultimate guest experience has never been as critical as it is today. Believe it or not, visitors, vendors, customers, and employees all judge your facility from the first impression they get. “Facility experience” has become such a critical part of our culture that financial and consumer success depends on it.

A strong interior graphic design for your facility can effectively point guests to your desired revenue stream and culture. Facility branding may utilize dimensional lettering, public signage, logos, exhibits, wall graphics, banners, themed concessions, ad panels, landscape architecture, and more. You can turn your facility into an all-in-one visually integrated space with the infusion of brand identity, theme programs, and signage.

With the right facility branding strategy, you don’t have to be “brand new” to create a fresh and integrated visual experience. You can simply integrate your facility’s architecture with interior design to bring it up to full utilization without spending thousands of dollars on new construction.

How Facility Branding Impacts Customer Experience

In a market with heightened competition, product differentiation is no longer adequate to maintain a credible competitive advantage. As a business, you need to position your entire corporation in every tangible and intangible aspect. Facility branding can help to translate the intangible and visionary business branding into tangible sales environments.

Additionally, a brilliant facility branding strategy can add value to your core business by exhibiting a positive image. This helps your business to retain clients and employees while at the same time contributing to market differentiation and competitive advantage.

Facility branding lets your customers know who you really are by creating an environment of tradition, history, accomplishments. Typically, it positions your facility as a place they would want to visit over and over again – a place to be proud of.

In many cases, facility branding is part of a really big picture. If done right, it can effectively engage visitors at a high level and not only reinforce your brand, but also tell your story. Branding will increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and enable visitors to trust and feel part of your brand. Over time, facility branding also creates a sense of familiarity, which is important since people tend to do business with organizations they’re familiar with.

Top Facility Branding Ideas

First impression matters for any business. You want to be sure you’re presenting the best version of your facility to customers, visitors, and employees. Here are a few options you have when it comes to branding your facility or office: 

Wall Graphic

Wall graphics offer countless options for internal facility branding. They are typically custom-shaped logos or cut lettering applied on walls or vertical spaces. You can use wall graphics to portray Company Logos, Mission Statements, Room Labeling, Corporate Culture, Core Values, and Accent/Color pieces.

Privacy Film

This is a special-use vinyl used to create a “frosted glass” look, without the high cost and damage associated with traditional acid etching frosting or sandblasting techniques. A privacy film can be used to create office privacy, room labels, culture branding, and window tagging.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are used to vividly define a workspace, something that will stick with your visitors, employees, and customers. They work great for displaying Employee Celebration, Corporate Values, Office Culture Branding, Company History, and Lobby Impressions.

3D Lettering

3D Lettering helps to display your company’s brand in a bold and impactful way. The letters can be made from different materials such as weather-resistant foams, solid cut metal, formed plastics, and brushed laminates.

Stand-Off Displays

These are great conversation pieces that help to identify your brand, highlight your business history, and provide extra information about your products or services. Stand-off displays can be made of a base material (mostly glass, polycarbonate, or wood) that is projected off the wall using a wireline or spacers wrapped around the edges of the material.

Exterior Signs & Displays

A powerful outside display sets the tone for visitors before they even set foot on your facility. Some of the options to consider include Entrance Signs, Building Lettering, Facility Wayfinding + Identification, Window Graphics, and Illuminated Signs.

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