Examples of Post and Panel Signs Available for Greensboro NC

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Examples of Post and Panel Signs Available for Greensboro NC

Do you have a bunch of trees between you and the street you are located on? Do customers have a hard time finding your storefront? Or, do visitors have trouble figuring out where to go on your property? These are just some of the problems that can be solved with post and panel signs. Fortunately, Gate City Signs & Graphics is one of the top suppliers of these markers for the region. Check out these examples of post and panel signs in Greensboro, NC.

Wayfinding Post and Panel Signs

One of the most popular ways to use post and panel signs is for wayfinding purposes. If you have a large property with multiple entrances, you need to let employees, customers, and guests know where to go. Wayfinding post and panels signs are an affordable way to do this


Take a moment to look at the three-post, multi-panel sign we created for MillerCoors. MillerCoors has a huge campus in Eden. They needed a way to show truck drivers where to go. These large markers clearly state where drivers should go.

Primary Site Identification Sign Brackets

Another common way post and panel signs are used is for primary site identification. They work like monument signs in identifying the entrance to your parking area and helping clients to find you as they drive along.

The Rent-A-Home sign bracket we installed fit in perfectly with their branding. The brick “post” is evocative of a brick house. And, the hanging sign panel is similar to real estate signs. Post and panel signs are also a great way to advertise that a property is for sale.

Primary Post and Panel Signs with Decorative Caps

We get a lot of requests for decorative post caps. These serve a variety of purposes. You not only make it harder for birds to relieve themselves near your sign, but you also give your primary identification markers a distinguished look that can serve as an extension of your branding.

Kids R Kids Learning Academy wanted to lend a level of prestige to their facilities, so they chose large ball post caps for their post and panel sign. As you can see, it fits perfectly with their existing branding.

Street Signs

Though we are able to produce street signs for your property, the Cathy’s Way marker we produced for UNC Greensboro is more of a decorative sign. It was made to honor Cathy Roberts and her 45 years of service to the school, including 41 years in the Athletic Department. This marker serves as another example of the versatility of post and panel signs.

The above examples are just a sampling of the many things we can do with decorative post and panel signs. We can create solutions that are perfectly tailored to your enterprise. If you are ready to boost your branding while helping visitors find their way to and around your property, contact the friendly professionals at Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation on post and panel signs for Greensboro, NC.

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