Drive Brand Awareness & Increase Your Sales With Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Drive Brand Awareness & Increase Your Sales With Commercial Vehicle Wraps

No matter what type of vehicle wrap or vehicle lettering is best for your business, the goal is to make sure your message gets across quickly and clearly to your target audience. With that in mind, when designing decals or graphics, it’s important to remember these few items:

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Less Is More

  • Create the best impression for your customers by creating an eye-catching yet simple design that keeps copy to a minimum (including things like your company name, contact information, and a short list of your services or a memorable tagline)

Your Business Logo Is Crucial

  • Make sure that your logo is the most prominent item in your design. Logos are visually appealing and allow your audience to connect back to your business. Logos are also much easier to remember as well, helping to continue that lasting impression after the fact with your customers.

Make Your Customers Take Action

  • The whole point of advertising is to get your business front-and-center with your target audience in order to raise brand awareness, and in turn, increase your business revenue through sales.
  • While a phone number is great to include in your messaging, a website is a much more effective approach. This allows people to research your company online on their own time and provides much more information quickly.

Consider The Material You Use

  • When it comes to vehicle wraps and vehicle lettering, it’s best to trust a reputable and experienced company to create customized options that fit your business needs best, instead of a “one-size-fits-all” cheaper option.
  • Gate City Signs & Graphics is your full-service vehicle wrap company, which means we understand every detail of the highly specialized vinyl car wrap design process. We use the most sophisticated, eye-catching designs to represent your business.

Gate City Signs And Graphics: Custom Vehicle Wraps And Graphics For Your Business

Gate City Signs & Graphics offers professional quality vehicle wraps and graphics for all types of vehicles. Our team of expert graphic designers and skilled installers will work with you to create the perfect wrap design for your advertising goals. Contact us today to book your complimentary consultation!

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