Do You Need These Office Signs in Greensboro NC?

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Do You Need These Office Signs in Greensboro NC?

There are a lot of places online where you can find really cheap signage for your office. However, when you go with the least expensive alternative, you typically miss out on one of the biggest benefits of signs: building your brand.

For instance, when you incorporate your company’s logo into your signage, visitors to your building will start to remember who you are. Once consumers recognize your name, they begin to trust you. And, they will call your business when they need the services or goods you sell.

You will drive your long-term sales when you install custom office signs in Greensboro, NC. But, do you know what office signs you need? Here are some options we often provide for professional offices:

Window Graphics

If you have plate glass windows that surround your meeting rooms from the floor to the ceiling, it can get quite distracting as people walk by and perhaps stop to take a look at what is going on. One of the most affordable solutions to fix this issue and add a level of privacy to your conference rooms is to install frosted or etched vinyl films to your windows. You are able to keep your branding on point by incorporating your logo into the vinyl.

Reception Area Signs

Also referred to as waiting room signs or lobby signs, reception area signs are typically used to build your brand awareness as well as invite customers and other visitors in. We can create a massive vinyl wall mural to display your logo, or we can fabricate sophisticated and professional metal laminate dimensional letter signs. If you want to show off how advanced your business is, we would recommend an acrylic lobby sign. The materials that are best for your sign will depend on your company culture, venue, and your vision for the project.

High-Resolution Photos and Custom Wall Art

Using a large format digital printer, high-resolution photos can be printed on canvas, vinyl, or paper. We can then mount the images on a frame. Or, we can adhere them directly to your walls if they are printed on adhesive vinyl. This sure beats the generic, neutral framed paintings you generally find in waiting rooms.

If you want to showcase images relevant to your sector, framed canvas prints are the perfect solution. For example, a general contractor may choose to highlight photos from a hospital that they recently built. Or, if you operate a factory that produces a popular widget, incorporate images of this item in use.

window graphicsDoor and Window Lettering

Etching the name of each executive into their office door is no longer an affordable option for many corporations. Fortunately, with etched vinyl window lettering, you can still achieve this elegant appearance. With window lettering of any size, typeface, or color, you can also label different departments within your complex. Door lettering is ideal for listing your contact information and business hours on your front door.

This should give you an idea of what office signs your company needs. Contact Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation on office signs in Greensboro, NC.

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