Different Types of Indoor Signs and Their Usage

Different Types of Indoor Signs-Gate City Signs and Graphics

Different Types of Indoor Signs and Their Usage

The variety of indoor signage can sometimes be overwhelming in a sense that you might get confused as to which types work best for your industry and marketing goals and which don’t. You can’t just mindlessly choose a layout and randomly pick what kind of signs you want. It’s essential that you have them strategically designed, positioned, and produced.

Why Invest in Indoor Signage?

While some people think that having outdoor business signs is enough, indoor signage is equally as important. These signs improve your branding, enhance your customer service, and can improve employee morale. Since indoor signs are a means of advertisement too, they should also help you increase your overall sales numbers. If your business is in Greensboro, North Carolina or the surrounding areas, then it’s also important that you partner up with a reliable sign company that can meet and exceed your expectations.

Below are some of the most popular types of indoor signage that can offer several different advantages to your business.

Wayfinding Signs

One of the most common custom interior signs found in larger establishments such as shopping centers, hotels, and grocery stores are wayfinding or directional signs. These signs assist customers, clients, and guests as they make their way through your establishment. They help people locate specific areas or persons they are there to visit. A few examples are of signage that leads to the comfort room, pool area, and conference halls. ADA directional signs, on the other hand, are signage that conforms to the requirements laid down by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This type of signage works to ensure that differently-abled individuals are also guided.

Lobby Signs

Lobby or reception signs are meant to welcome guests as they enter your establishment. It’s important to have signage that properly represents your brand to make a positive and lasting first impression on your customers, clients, and guests.

Banners and Posters

If you want to invest in custom indoor signs that help advertise your latest products and services, limited-time promotions, exclusive deals, and the like, then banners and posters are the way to go. These are inexpensive and easy to maintain, yet, highly effective in communicating with your target market. They are also quite versatile since you can put them up at different areas in your establishment such as at the entrance, near the escalator, or beside the cashier.

Digital Displays

LED displays are one of the best custom interior signs you can invest in. They are a modern and fun way of capturing the attention and interest of your consumers as they shop and walk around your establishment. They are also a great way to distract them from queues and reduce perceived wait times. Consider featuring your commercials, promos, events, and infographics using LED digital displays.

Wall and Floor Graphics

Wall and floor graphics are perfect for aesthetics and improving the overall ambiance of your establishment. Whether you invest in a full mural or opt to only install a couple of graphics in certain areas, you can be sure to create a more interesting and inviting place for your consumers. These signs are also ideal for reinstating your brand, logo, and tagline throughout the place. You can even tell stories through these graphics such as your company history or service to the community.

Choose the Top Performing Indoor Sign Company in Greensboro

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