Difference Between Indoor Dimensional Lettering and Channel Letters

Difference Between Indoor Dimensional Lettering and Channel Letters

Indoor and outdoor signs that carry your brand name, logo, and slogan are vital for every brick and mortar business. They serve as identification for your establishment, help pique the interest of passers-by, allow your company to claim the location, and boost your branding strategy. There’s an array of signs that organizations use in stores, shops, institution, buildings and facilities. With, that being said some of these signs can be similar to each other and, may cause confusion.

Indoor Dimensional Lettering Vs Channel Letters

Before investing in professionally made signage for your business, it is crucial that you understand the different types of indoor and outdoor signs that will work well for your industry type, location, and marketing objectives. You don’t want to waste your money on signage that doesn’t properly represent your brand and attract your target market. This is a basic rule of thumb regardless of whether your business is in Greensboro, North Carolina or anywhere else.

Discussed below are their similarities and differences to help you out.

Round the Clock Visibility with Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are typically installed above the storefront. The “channel” in this type of sign specifically pertains to its hollow interior where light can pass through. This feature allows channel letters to be illuminated, making them the perfect signage for marketing a business day or night. Another distinctive feature of channel letter signs is that they are three-dimensional. This contributes to their high visibility even from distance.

Contrary to the common misconception, this type of sign is more than just letters. Since channel letter signs are made from metal, signage can also include numerals, symbols, and logos. If you have a certain font, color, or image in mind that you want to be incorporated in your signage, you can have it incorporated as well.

Elegant Dimensional Lettering for Business

Custom dimensional letters, on the other hand, are quite like channel letters in the sense that each of the elements are produced individually. Although they can be made from acrylic and other types of materials, metal is most often utilized in their construction. Unlike channel letters, custom dimensional letters cannot be illuminated from the inside since they don’t have a hollow area that houses a light source. Another notable difference is that the depth of this type of signage can vary from flat to a few inches thick. This is unlike channel letters that are always three-dimensional. Thus, dimensional letters are a good option if the establishment does not seek backlit signs.

Choosing the Right Sign Company in Greensboro

To maximize the effectiveness of these signs and to achieve your marketing goals, it’s crucial that you partner up with a company that excels in its craft. Gate City Signs and Graphics is among the most reliable full-service sign companies in North Carolina. We take pride in our indoor dimensional lettering design and installation services.

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