Decorative Film Presents an Elegant, Upscale Impression

decorative film

Decorative Film Presents an Elegant, Upscale Impression

Wish you could have more privacy in a windowed office or conference room?
Want to impress your guests and visitors with an upscale look?
Looking for another way to brand your office environment?

Decorative film is like beautiful wallpaper for your windows and glass doors! And it provides an instant elegant, upscale solution to your privacy needs in the business environment. Our decorative films can easily be used in several areas in your office.
• Conference rooms
• Office spaces
• Entry doors
• Glass doors
• Windows
• Professional and medical profession window panels
• Employee lunch rooms
• Divider panels
• And more!

Why Use Decorative Film in Your Office?

When you provide beautiful office surroundings, you’ll help motivate staff members who will be happy to come to work in an environment with attractive décor. Plus, enhancing your office with this simple feature shows your customers and potential clients that you pay attention to details. And the secret, added bonus is that this feature gives them a professional impression that you will pay attention to their needs as well.

The benefits of installing decorative film to the glass surfaces in your office are many.
• Give your staff an attractive, pleasant work environment.
• Impress your guests, visitors, clients, potential customers, and vendors with your attention to detail.
• An upscale workplace gives your customers a sense of confidence in working with you.
• Decorative film can help protect your office furnishings from damaging sunlight.
• Provide immediate privacy when you need it.
• Incorporate your branding on multiple surfaces.

Decorative Film Is Available in Lots of Styles to Suit Your Office Décor

Our films are made of either polyester or vinyl material. Polyester is best used on solid, smooth surfaces. Vinyl has more of a stretchy quality, so it is best used on uneven or rough surfaces. At Gate City Signs and Graphics, we provide a large variety of decorative films to suit your office environment.
• Colored films
• Textured films
• Patterned films
• Frosted films
• Stained glass films
• Specialty films
• Static cling films
• Adhesive-backed films

The Difference Between Static and Adhesive Films

As with any other sign options for your business, you have choices regarding the type of decorative film that we install in your office. Your selection may be determined by the permanency of your decorative film. The good news is that both static cling and adhesive-backed films are 100% removable.

Static cling films can be easily removed and reused as you wish. So, you may want to select a static cling film for seasonal window and door décor or for a decorative film that you may need to be portable.

Adhesive-backed film is still removable, but it is not reusable once removed. So, you may want to choose an adhesive-backed decorative film for a one-time use or for a window or door covering that will be more of a permanent feature. Either way, the choice is yours!

Impress Your Guests and Promote Your Brand with Decorative Film for Windows and Doors.
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