Custom Wayfinding Signage

Custom Wayfinding Signage

Best Practices for Company Branding and Visual Merchandising


What Is Wayfinding Signage?

Wayfinding signage consists of directional and identifying signage that helps a customer or visitor navigate a space and find what they’re looking for. Directional signage ranges from simple entrance, exit, and restroom signage to retail and grocery signage indicating where to find certain products. And you can find these signs both in business interiors and exteriors.

Exterior Wayfinding Signage
• Office / industrial park directories
• Branded exterior campus signs (stop signs, crossing signs, roadway signs, etc.)
• City landmark directory signs
• Parking lot / parking garage signage
• And more!

Interior Wayfinding Signage
• Entrance / exit signs
• Building directories
• Emergency signage
• Restroom, changing room signs
• Fitting room signs
• Department signage
• Apparel section signs
• Grocery aisle / pharmacy signs
• Merchandising signage
• And more!

Designing Wayfinding Signage

Today’s businesses are looking past generic directional and wayfinding signage and seeking a more customized look for their business offices and corporate campuses. Companies are not only using their corporate colors in their interior and exterior wayfinding signage, they are also using their logo (or elements of their logo) as well as other design elements that show off their company culture.

Businesses and Organizations that Benefit from Wayfinding Signage

• Corporate offices / headquarters
• Hospitals / medical facilities
• Dental offices
• Hotels
• Grocery stores
• Retail shops
• Pharmacies
• Cities / towns
• Parks / recreation centers
• Greenways / trails
• Churches / synagogues
• Museums
• Schools
• Colleges / universities
• Zoos
• Theme parks
• Stadiums / arenas / sports venues
• Restaurants / bars
• Entertainment establishments
• And more!

Your Gate City Signs and Graphics design team is ready to utilize years of sign design experience to create a unique and branded look for your facility.

Wayfinding Signage Mistakes

Planning for wayfinding signage is just as important as the design. The fundamental idea is to place directional signage at key decision points, such as elevators, escalators, stairwells, hallways, corners, entrances, and exits. It is at these points when a guest, visitor or customer will need to know which direction to turn in order to reach their destination. Keeping this in mind, it’s best to avoid information overload at any given spot. Instead, be very strategic in where signs are placed.

In addition to placement, you’ll also need to consider font type and size. Although this falls under design needs, many businesses make the mistake of using fonts that are too small or too busy.
If your customers need to see your sign from a distance (e.g., across the street, while driving 30 miles per hour or while riding an escalator), you’ll want to ensure that the font size is big enough to be seen and read completely. It’s also essential to choose a font type that is easy for the eye to capture while sitting still or moving.

Gate City Signs and Graphics has the design expertise to help you plan the proper quantity and placement of your custom wayfinding signage. And we will select an appropriate font that both represents your brand and culture and is pleasing to your customers’ eyes.

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