No Blank Walls: Custom Wall Graphics that Promote Your Company Culture

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No Blank Walls: Custom Wall Graphics that Promote Your Company Culture

No Blank Walls: Custom Wall Graphics that Promote Your Company Culture

Looking for inspiration for your office or workplace walls? Custom wall graphics and window graphics are a great way to welcome your visitors and guests and put them at ease. Businesses also use wall graphics to instill confidence in employees who walk through the door every day. Plus, you can use wall graphics in common spaces to inspire your staff to interact, be more creative, and increase workplace productivity.
Wall graphics are more than just office décor. At Gate City Signs and Graphics, we’re on a No Blank Walls mission. Yes, that’s right! We want to help every business promote their company culture and personality on the blank walls in their offices, hallways, boardrooms, and more!

Custom Wall Graphics Create Big Impact for Business

When it comes to wall graphics, a small investment can have a big impact. Wall graphics are applicable for indoor or outdoor applications. Wall decals can be applied to many common surfaces, including metal, wood, glass, plastic, drywall, concrete, and painted surfaces. We can customize your graphics to any size or shape, and use your exact logo colors to complete your branded look.

Wall Graphics Attract the Right Customers to Your Business

The right types of wall graphics can create a memorable visual experience for your customers. And they will help attract the right customers to your business. If your walls are seen from the street or outside your business, use those spaces to evoke an emotion before people walk through the door. Get them in the right frame of mind to do business with you before they open the door.

Here are some ways that many businesses today are using wall graphics in their offices.
• Display a mission statement
• Advertise products or services
• Exhibit the company logo and branded colors
• Evoke a feeling, mood or emotion in a space
• Inspire creativity
• Encourage interaction
• Increase productivity
• Welcome visitors
• Put guests at ease
• Display inspirational imagery, quotes or phrases
• Educate consumers
• Underline an advertising message
• Promote an event
• Create a sense of belonging
• Business brags: moments, milestones, and accomplishments
• Show the people of your business
• Spotlight clients or success stories
• Provide wayfinding or ADA with brand flair
• Honor donors or employees
• And more!

The possibilities are endless! Custom wall graphics are an increasingly popular way to add a splash of color to today’s office spaces. And wall graphics can be installed as either a permanent or semi-permanent display.
So, blank walls be gone! Today’s business owners are discovering that employees, vendors, partners, and consumers respond positively to custom wall graphics. If you want to build your brand, promote your products and services or enrich your workspace, then custom wall graphics and murals might be your perfect solution!

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