Why Your Business Needs Custom Fleet Graphics

Why Your Business Needs Custom Fleet Graphics

The Best ROI for Your Marketing Dollar

Have you ever wondered how businesses with blank vehicles stay in business? The answer is, they don’t. And that’s because they choose to miss out on the simplest, easiest marketing tool available to them: custom fleet graphics.

Are you considering outfitting one or more of your business vehicles with logo graphics and other business information? If so, you’re about to make the best decision you’ve ever made for your business!

Custom Fleet Graphics Pay You Back Every Day

Custom fleet graphics start paying for themselves on day one. That’s right!

We have customers approach us every day to add graphic design to their vehicles. And after installation, they call back and thank us. That’s because they get regular phone calls for doing what they do every day… driving on local roads and highways. Whether they are going to and from a job site, parked in a supplier’s parking lot or just eating lunch, their business is being seen and recognized—and gaining credibility every day.

Gate City Signs & Graphics fleet wraps can be designed for all types of vehicles.
• Cars
• Trucks
• Vans
• SUVs
• Box trucks
• Trailers
• Busses
• Boats
• Bikes
• And more!

Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to market your business for a simple, one-time investment.

Here are 10 reasons to get custom fleet graphics on your vehicles TODAY.

You get as many as 600 impressions per mile (depending on your metro area). It’s true… numbers don’t lie.

You can advertise any time you want. Your mobile, 24/7/365 billboard goes everywhere you do.

Consider traffic a source of business rather than a headache. While people are sitting in traffic or at a red light, they have to look at something. Right?

You may be able to eliminate other forms of advertising. While advertising viewers on other media are in constant flux, there will always be people on the road or on foot to see your vehicle.

Custom fleet graphics increase brand awareness. Unlike other forms of advertising that people can turn off or scroll past, your vehicle stays in plain view.

You can reach a wider audience. With custom graphics on your fleet vehicle, you can reach people from all walks of life and all income levels—male and female.

Fleet graphics advertising lasts longer. TV, radio, and online ads only run for a designated amount of time. But you can use your vehicle advertising for many years—all for only a one-time investment.

Custom graphics protect your vehicle. Your fleet graphics provide a layer of protection to your vehicle. So, barring any accidents, once you are ready to upgrade, your vehicle will be in better shape and have a better trade-in or resale value.

It’s easy to update your look. Have you changed your business name or logo? Want a fresh look? Changing your vehicle look is easy. We’ll create your new design, then take off the old wrap and install the new one.

Fleet graphics are cost effective. In most metropolitan and suburban areas, your fleet graphics will run about 35 cents per thousand impressions. Compare that number to $3.50 per thousand impressions for billboards $21 or more per thousand impressions for many magazine ads. And let’s not forget the ongoing cost of social advertising!

Increase Phone Calls to Your Business TODAY with Custom Fleet Graphics.
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