Event Signage

Advantages of Event Signs

Attract Event-Goers

The main purpose of custom event signage is to inform the public of an upcoming event you are organizing or are involved in. Educate your target audience as to what the event is about and what benefits they will gain if they attend it. Of course, you need to incorporate other relevant details about the occasion in your signs such as date, venue, ticket information, special guests, among others.


Event signage helps your visitors and attendees find their way in a hotel, resort, restaurant, or wherever the location of your occasion is. You can place them near the entrance of the establishment and just right outside your actual venue.

Improve Brand Awareness

You can easily introduce and reinforce your brand on your event signage. Make sure to incorporate your name, logo, motto, and values when possible. Don’t forget to include other important details about your company as well such as social media handles, contact numbers, address, and branches. You can even feature the sponsors of the event, in case that’s what you agreed with them in exchange for the support they provided.


You can use event signage to adorn your venue. Use it as a backdrop for the stage or photo op area. You can also hang banners around the walls, ceilings, registration booth, main entranceway, and even parking area.

Additional Information

Maximize the use of event banners by showcasing the history and values of your company, the accolades of your speakers, the products and services of your sponsors, the goals of the event, among others.

Types of Event Signs

Yard Signs

If you want to announce the event or hype-up your potential event-goers, then this type of signage is perfect for that. Advertise your event around the town by strategically installing them on areas where your target market may see. You can even scatter them around the venue on the day of the event to let your visitors know that they are in the right place.

Banner Signs

These signs are perfect for indoor and outdoor usage and are typically made from vinyl or mesh. This is the type of signage you want to go for if it’s for aesthetic and branding purposes.

Flying Signs and Flags

If you want to create a dramatic effect outside your venue, then flying signs and flags are the way to go. You can even line them up across the hallway or walkway to welcome and excite your guests even more.

Standing Banners

These banners can either be one-sided or dual-sided. You can use them to educate your attendees and improve the ambiance of the event.

Our Company

Gate City Signs & Graphics is among the top-rated sign companies in Greensboro, North Carolina. We take pride in designing and creating high-quality event signs for conferences, concerts, grand reunions, and so much more. We specialize in providing full-service project management, which means that we can assist you from start to finish. Our hardworking and detail-oriented team of experts is able to attend to all your concerns and meet or even exceed your expectations.

In need of design help? Don’t worry; our talented and highly-trained designers can guide you through the best design options for your occasion. We also make sure to utilize modern installation and repair techniques in order to complete the job as efficient as it can be.

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