Using Corporate Event Décor to Promote Your Message

corporate event decor

Using Corporate Event Décor to Promote Your Message

Planning your next corporate event? Get creative with graphics and vinyl wraps to deliver your message. Vinyl graphic wraps are available for most corporate event décor items and are a great way to entice people to pay attention to your brand.

Branded Corporate Event Décor Builds Trust

Whether you are marketing to your internal staff or to your customer base, a branded look throughout your event space will help build trust, confidence, and excitement about your brand.

Are your promoting a product, service or a new marketing campaign? Take a look at your event space and note all possible surfaces to elevate your campaign message. Then make a list of all the places you can fill in between. Items such as garbage cans, collection boxes, tables, chairs, ice barrels, and large ice coolers can be perfect for driving your message home.

Think Beyond Promotional Items

When planning a corporate event, today’s businesses are doing far more than giving away pens and bottled water and keychains. Your corporate event planning team should be considering every possible way to promote your message, portray your company culture, and create branded décor items that help cultivate your theme.

Leave no wall blank, no surface untouched, and no marketing opportunity undeveloped!

At Gate City Signs and Graphics, we have designed, manufactured, and installed vinyl graphic wraps for many corporate event décor items.
• Large ice coolers
• Refrigerated drink barrels
• Donation/collection boxes
• Garbage cans
• Display racks
• Tables
• Chairs
• Reception desks
• Walls
• Ceilings
• Floors
• Buildings – exterior and interior
• Windows
• Poles/columns
• Stand-up décor
• And more!

Corporate Event Décor that Lasts as Long as You Want

Corporate event décor graphics offer the convenience of repeated or one-time use. So, we can cover walls, windows, floors, and ceilings with graphics that are easily removable once your event is over. And if you need items to travel with you from one event to the next, our graphics are highly durable and easy to keep clean in between uses.

Visual Merchandising Boosts Sales

Graphics help create excitement about a product. That’s why our retail clients find that they sell more when using graphics with their displays. For example, a wrapped refrigerated drink barrel will stimulate more impulse purchases than an unmarked barrel. And items displayed on graphic-covered display racks fly off the shelves quicker than those sitting on a plain shelving unit.

So, what do you need to merchandise with excitement? When is your next corporate event? Gate City Signs and Graphics can help create excitement for your campaign!

Spread Your Company Marketing Campaign with Corporate Event Décor
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