Contractor Vehicle Graphics and Wraps for Winston-Salem NC

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Contractor Vehicle Graphics and Wraps for Winston-Salem NC

Despite its already formidable size of about a quarter of a million people, Winston-Salem is a growing city. The diverse economy sees companies branching out, building new venues, and expanding. Home building is coming out of its slump, and many other homeowners are looking to add on. This has led to an increase in the number of new contractors offering services.

You must get noticed whether you are a newcomer to the trade or you are an established Winston-Salem contractor business. Nothing attracts attention to your message like vehicle wraps that market your enterprise wherever you park or drive your work truck or van. Where a traditional billboard only advertises to people who happen to pass it, you can take your marketing to all corners of the city with contractor vehicle wraps Winston-Salem, NC will remember.

What Makes Vehicle Wraps Great?

What do you see when you look at your competition? Your wrapped truck has an immediate advantage over the boring look of your rivals if they are using plain white work vans. Are the neighbors more likely to remember your catchy, colorful, and vibrant graphics or the nondescript white vehicles?

Research shows that wrapping just one work truck has the ability to generate approximately 70,000 impressions in a single day. You will achieve a staggering amount of impressions as your vans are out and about if you multiply this effect by the number of vehicles in your fleet.

The Right Choice for Your Fleet

Your company’s needs are as unique as the services you offer to your customers and the staff that makes up your workforce. When it comes to vehicle wraps, we do not believe in the one size fits all approach. You invest in your tools and your staff. Your work vehicles will start to show the long hours you put in. When the body is rusted, dented, and scratched yet the engine is going strong, you can use vehicle wraps to cover your blemishes.

While paint jobs scratch fairly easily, vehicle wraps are durable and long lasting. Plus, they protect your manufacturer’s paint job and help you avoid rust. Best of all, vehicle graphics are less expensive than painting your truck.

In addition to being a cheaper alternative to paint, vehicle wraps are also a more affordable way for you to advertise your business. In fact, when comparing the cost per thousand impressions, vehicle wraps are the least expensive marketing tool. They blow traditional methods, such as TV, newspaper, or radio ads, out of the water.

We Love Serving Winston-Salem!

Though we are located in Greensboro, we enjoy making the trip to Winston-Salem and the rest of Forsyth County for projects. We know Winston-Salem is the real “Twin City.” We appreciate all of the businesses doing work in the community, including Ricci Builders & Management, Mitchco, Inc., ADAMS DesignBuild, Inc., Wilson-Covington Construction, and many more.

From Wake Forest University and Salem Lake to Forsyth Country Club and Hanes Mall, we love working in Winston-Salem. As you look for a full service sign shop to produce contractor vehicle graphics Winston-Salem consumers will notice, please consider Gate City Signs & Graphics. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation!

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