Contractor Vehicle Graphics a Must-Do for Brand Name Recognition!

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Contractor Vehicle Graphics a Must-Do for Brand Name Recognition!

Are you working with a shoestring marketing budget? Or, perhaps, you do not have any room in your budget for advertising. No matter how much you have set aside for growing your contractor business, marketing is a must. There are excellent options that can lower your budget expenditures and give you more bang for your advertising buck. One such option is contractor vehicle graphics Greensboro NC will remember.

Why Vehicle Graphics?

You may think vehicle graphics for your work fleet will cost too much. However, the facts show that based on your return on investment (ROI), you can’t afford NOT to put this advertising medium to work for you. According to research done by the world-renowned manufacturer 3M, in order to get the same effect as a vehicle with a $3500 wrap, you would have to spend $130,000 in ad dollars with other media. But, why is that? Why do vehicle graphics work better than radio, TV, and newspaper ads?

“Billboard on Wheels”

vehicle graphicsYour work vans or trucks provide a large canvas. They are essentially mobile billboards, and motorists, passengers, and pedestrians see and notice vehicle graphics. Don’t believe us? Next time you are traveling to a job site, making deliveries, or running errands, take note of the graphics you see. You will be surprised how many you end up idly staring at while stuck in traffic.

Contractor vehicle wraps provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week branding for your business using vibrant vinyl graphics, imagery, and designs. And, many times, they are the first impression clients have of your business. If you arrive at a business or home in a truck with cracked and faded lettering or that is just plain white, you are not inspiring trust. Instead, put your professionalism on display with truck graphics.

Ideas for Contractor Graphics

As experts in the truck graphics business, Gate City Signs & Graphics provides solutions for every marketing budget and every contractor. These options include:

  • Vinyl Truck Lettering – With this alternative, letters are digitally printed on a vinyl film to match your business’s font and colors to keep your branding consistent. We then install your lettering for optimal visibility no matter the make and model of your work trucks.
  • Spot Graphics and Decals – We design, manufacture, and install graphics on your vehicles using in-house design experts and the latest templates. This is ideal for showing off your logo and handiwork.
  • Combine Lettering and Graphics – For an even more attention grabbing look, combine vehicle lettering with graphics. We ensure the colors match for all of your graphics and letters by using our PMS color matching system.
  • Wraps – If you have a little extra money to spend, we strongly recommend wrapping your trucks. These graphics have the most impact and will definitely help increase your brand awareness, so consumers will come to you when they need your services.

When you contact Gate City Signs & Graphics, our friendly professionals will listen to your vision, goals, and budget and make recommendations based on these factors. If you are ready to drive sales with contractor truck graphics, Greensboro NC contractors can contact us today for a free no-strings-attached consultation.

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