Creative Ways to Display Your Company Mission Statement

Creative Ways to Display Your Company Mission Statement

Emphasizing your “WHY” with Visuals

In the past, a company mission statement may have been taught and reinforced during employee training, stayed buried in a manual or possibly posted in an executive office area. But hiding the “Why” behind your business does nothing to inspire your employees daily and instill confidence in your customers, vendors, guests, and partners who walk through your doors.

It’s amazing what a difference a well-placed, visual sign can make! When employees and staff see a visual company mission statement daily, their pride, morale, and performance are more likely to increase. Modern businesses are taking that corporate mission statement, motto or founder’s quote and placing it creatively in a prominent space. And employees today are incorporating that same value into their daily work.

Not sure where to display your company mission statement? Take a walk around your office and note the traffic flow. Here are a few placement ideas that may work for your organization.
• Main entrance
• Lobby
• Reception desk
• Hallway
• Boardroom / conference room
• Lunch area / breakroom
• Manufacturing area
• Outside of building
• Windows
• Doors
• Ceiling
• Floors

When you put a value statement or manufacturing quality control procedure in place, you want it to become an ingrained part of the work culture—a value to be lived, and not forgotten, in your employees’ daily work. One of the best ways to continuously reinforce your company mission statement is to keep it front and center for all to see, not just your staff.

Make a Fantastic Impression with Your Company Mission Statement

At Gate City Signs and Graphics, we help build your message and culture with signage. We can create beautiful interior and exterior signs that display your motto or company mission statement with style, flair, drama, and visual contrast.

Let’s get creative! Our expert design team can create a mission statement sign that uses your company colors, fonts, and style to establish a unique impression as well as buy-in for all those who pass by.

Choosing Sign Material for Your Branding

When deciding how to present your value or company statement, your options are almost limitless. For older, more established brands, we can build a sign with an aged or antiqued look for added drama and meaning. If your company is a start-up, then you may want to opt for a modern, clean look that will appeal to a younger audience. Here are a few sign style ideas to get you started.
• Architectural signage
• Dimensional signs
• Backlit lettering
• Mix-and-match letters and graphics
• Wall murals
• Vinyl graphics
• Foam
• Acrylic
• Oversized letters
• Wrap-around graphics or lettering that travels around corners or on ceilings and floors
• Metallic products
• Vinyl applications on brick
• And more!

When you’re ready to add a branding component to your corporate value or mission statement, we’ll help select the right materials and the best design that fits with your business culture. It’s a privilege to serve Greensboro and the surrounding business communities. Call us today, so we can schedule a design consultation as soon as you’re ready!

Display Your Company Mission Statement with Style and Drama.
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