Choosing the Best Monument Sign for Your Business

Choosing the Best Monument Sign for Your Business

A monument sign can effectively promote secluded businesses and retail stores. More often, a monument sign acts as a beacon for the entrance of your office or facility. By choosing the best monument sign, you can expect better brand awareness, happier employees, and an influx of customers.

However, setting up a monument sign can be a weighty decision that gets many business owners bogged down in the fine details. While meticulous construction and exquisite design are vital, you must prioritize certain factors over others.

Principal Factors to Consider When Choosing Monument Signs

A monument sign is typically a freestanding sign designed to be viewed from ground level. Here are the key features to take into consideration before choosing a monument sign for your business:

1: Elements of Design

For many business owners, the temptation to overload a monument sign with graphics is hard to ward off. Some of the most iconic monument signs often adhere to a few basic elements. Many monument signs will feature specific elements such as concrete, brick, natural stone, or even iron and other metals.

They can either be modern or rustic and classic in their style and design. Such monument signs can announce to your potential and existing customers that your business is solid, dependable, and anchored.

Modern types of monument signs can include LED lights, molded plastics, or other types of materials that suit your business theme and style. They can also include corporate emblems, logos, or even graphics that brand and identify your business.

2: High Visibility

Choose a monument sign that sits at an eye level and large enough to be noticed from a distance. For malls and individual businesses, place the sign close to the roadway or sidewalk and somewhat distant from the building’s entrance.

With different styles and design possibilities such as message boards, these signs can become part of your marketing and branding efforts. Illuminated signs, custom graphics, and brilliant colors can all add to the visibility during the day, evening, or early morning hours.

Make sure to check the visibility of your monument sign from at least one hundred feet away. One great way to confirm that is to install a mock sign to test your sign’s visibility from the road. Also, don’t discount the importance of the monument sign’s angle!

During certain times of the day, objects may cast a shadow in relation to the position of the sun. If you run most of your business in the morning, ensure that customers can view more than just a shadowy monolith.

3: Sophisticated Style

Regardless of the style or design of the monument sign, the construction can be tailored to the look and design of your building. This helps create a sophisticated touch that leaves a lasting and positive first impression.

Consider masonry elements such as natural stone pedestals or brick, or frame the sign to make it look classic and add a feeling of permanency to your business. Masonry elements also provide a solid sign that will last for several years with just regular washing and limited maintenance.

4: Materials

Other than the traditional brick and mortar construction, there are countless alternatives that can allow you to match your monument sign to your business’ personality. Common examples include aluminum, stone, armored foam (such as expanded polystyrene), concrete block, stucco, wood, and poured concrete.

5: Illumination

Zoning restrictions may sometimes prohibit illumination for different reasons. But if your district permits lighting, feel free to consider illuminated and backlit signage. You’ll have a wide range of options, including lightboxes, channel letters, and LED message boards.

But keep in mind that you will need to interchange your messaging using digital signage or channel letters. If you have a constantly changing product lineup, both options would be an ideal solution for your brand.

So, what monument sign will work best for my business? Schedule an expert site assessment with us today. We have a wide range of outdoor signage solutions that suit every storefront!



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