Check Out These Window Graphics Examples!

Window graphics

Check Out These Window Graphics Examples!

We like to say that window graphics can be used for just about anything. And, they really are versatile and effective signage options. Yet, you may still be skeptical since it is kind of our job to try to sell you on the idea of putting these marketing powerhouses to use for your enterprise. For those of you who are still on the fence about window graphics and need some concrete evidence, this blog is for you! Below are a few real-life window graphics examples for Greensboro, NC.

Logos on Your Windows Boost Your Brand Awareness

If you are a small business owner, you likely know about how important it is to build your brand. Why is this? When people are exposed to your brand over and over again, they start to remember it. Consumers tend to trust companies and brands that they remember. And, when potential customers are looking for a product or service, they tend to go with the name they remember and trust.

The more people are exposed to your company colors, fonts, and logos, the more you boost your brand recognition. Gate City Growlers realized this, so they installed their logo in full color on their large storefront windows and doors. Now, whenever anyone passes by their Battleground Avenue location, they can’t help but notice their name, and they are likely to think about them the next time they want a cold one.

Promote Deals and Make Mouths Water with Window Graphics

Do you offer a product that people can’t help but purchase when they are exposed to it? Is your restaurant known for a certain dish? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you can help drive your sales installing sharp, enticing images of your top-selling items on your windows.

This is exactly what Donut World wanted when they contacted us. We provided them with decals featuring pictures of donuts that you just wanted to sink your teeth into. The photos worked well with their polka dot motif.

In addition, passersby who are looking for an inexpensive breakfast and pick-me-up will be unable to pass up their $2 coffee and donut special. Window graphics are the ideal way to promote sales and deals all year round.

Do Patrons Know When You Are Open?


People who are interested in checking out your organization may stop by when you are closed. How do they know when to come back? An easy way to do this is with window lettering spelling out your hours of operation. This is precisely what we did for the Evangelized Community Christian Church. We tastefully listed the times for their service and bible study with affordable lettering. We also suggest including your contact information, such as your phone number and web address, so consumers can get a hold of you when you are out.

Are you still not convinced that window graphics can benefit your business? Please give us a chance to make some recommendations for you. Contact the friendly professionals at Gate City Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation and quote on window graphics for Greensboro, NC.

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